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Breakfast this morning

Looks nice but I don't think I could eat steak for breakfast! I might have it for dinner though :)


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Looks scrumptious, Jimbo :) One thing I do miss for brekkie is sauteed mushrooms on Vogels toast with lots of butter...suppose I could try it on flax toast, but it won't be the same, sigh...
Loves Vogel's bread ... And Bergen - my 2 favs!

Jim - the brekkie pics look scrummy!

Now I'm feeling really hungry! Lol :)
I'm just wondering what to have this morning,

Stephen, great to see you post mate


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You can have the toast Jim, I'll have the rest :D We had Herta's frankfurters, we tried the chicken ones for a change. I often do cheesy scrambled eggs with them....yum!
what brand frankfurters can you have and whats the best sausage and have you got to measure these ?

im soooo bored of boiled eggs and bacon

im starting to get bit shakey now i want a apple so badly but thats so high in carbs

i would rather fruit anyday over choc and crisps



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Hi Jessie, hang in there. Make sure you are keeping up your water intake!

I would recommend mims (see sticky thread for recipes) rather than burgen bread at this point for induction as it's 10c per slice. Mims are a great breakfast substitute if you get bored of eggs. Also recommend making crustless quiches (ahead) as a good fast morning start.
thanks so much for this info so glad to know i have loads of support

what are mims ??

crustless quiche for brekkie omg i am gonna hunt that down now

do you need to mesure your portions ?

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