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Hi all, i need some suggestions please,
i have 1 last shake for tomorrow morning, then its proper breakfast for me:eek::eek::eek:
im really struggling to find something that i can have as in cereal, when i look at the carb content theyr all quite high and theyv scared the life out of me, i dont want to have toast as il be having bread sometimes for my lunch so any suggestions would be most grateful xxx
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Hey babe im not on refeed but the breakfast ting has been scaring me too and everyone's refeed diary seems to be the same. Having fruit is a good idea like a banana coz they are filling im hoping someone on refeed or maintenance will help you out! If i see anything ill let you know. Maybe have a nutty cereal. They usually dont be dat bad.


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Oh Claire...I am with you on this one, but dont get like me!!!Seriously; I really have a VERY scarey fear of carbs and it just isnt right or normal.

What I am trying to do is have cereal once or twice a week to start...I have had porage twice this week, which is low GI, and will have Alpen tomorrow..I dont have a lot, not the 40gm that they suggest

Other suggestions, but trust me if you have been so used to cereal only in the past, this menu is hard..I find it hard.

I have: -
poached egg, 2 turkey rasher, mushrooms
scrambled egg, made with a little milk
quorn sausages, with turkey rashers

You could have, although havent had: -
fruit salad with natural yoghurt

Please, please try and get over this carb thing.....I can honestly say it is ruining my life! I cant even shop now for anything other than blooming meat it seams!!!! I look at every label and get myself in absolute knots...I think this is a side effect of LT and the fact that all we talk about is carbs, etc...and that LT works because we dont have carbs.

BUT, funnily enough, I got some sample maintenance products....GUESS WHAT!! They have carbs in them! So, Carbs are not bad for us...we just dont need to go overboard with how we used to have them.

As Jan and Mary keep saying; DONT CUT OUT A FOOD GROUP! So, I know my mission is to get over this...dont forget you are exercising so the carbs wont have time to even sit on your hips and turn to anything!!!!

A bit of a post here I know, but I just hope my experience will maybe help you a little in NOT going down the same route as me!

Take care and enjoy brekkie if you can!


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A banana (as I was once told) is just not enough for a breakfast!

I used to have the sainsburys own branded cereal that was like the jordans one (but obviously cheaper!) with almonds and raisens in. I followed the packet and had the suggested serving amount with semi skimmed milk and a piece of fruit.

Having something hearty for breakfast really will keep you going untill lunch reducing the need to 'picking'.

And like iris said - get over the fear of carbs. I too am dreading it but know we cant just cut out a food group if we want to eat healthy and maintain.

And irish, good ideas for carb free breakfasts. They sound lovely - except id have em on a sunda with maybe a bit of wholemeal toast mmmmm :drool: yummy! hehe


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And irish, good ideas for carb free breakfasts. They sound lovely - except id have em on a sunda with maybe a bit of wholemeal toast mmmmm :drool: yummy! hehe
Yummy for sure- I love scrambled eggs with some sauteed mushrooms mixed through. Or you could add some lean ham/turkey rashers as well, and of course you could make it into an omelette!
Definately for when you have more time to eat though? I need to do some searching for low-fat/carb breakfast bars...:)


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Indeed!!!! That will be my first 'proper' breakfast ... got the date planned .... 9th nov :) mmmmm :drool: i am drooling already hahahaaa
Thanks every1, b4 lt i never ate breakfast so iv got to get into the habit of having it, i like the sound of mixed fruit salad with a bit of yoghurt i have some mixed spice here that would be quite nice sprinkled on it, dont have much time in the mornings so i asked for cereal suggestions as this is a quick option xx
i know that a great breakfast is peanut butter on wholemeal toast.

way too dangerous for me because a jar of peanut butter just has to be opened and it'd be gone!! (pre-LT - let's hope i can exhibit at least a modicum of self restraint occasionally now)

porridge is a fab start to the day, nothing keeps you going like porridge. or maybe try making your own granola (it's something the GI diet suggests) and you should be able to find loads of recipes online.


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Sainsbury's Crunchy Cereal Raisin, Nut & Honey 1kg (£1.48)

This is the one i used to have. Its delish!!
Per reccomended serving (50g) with 100ml semi skimmed milk: 249calories, 35.1g carbs, 8.7g fat.

It may not look alot in the bowl but it really does fill you up and if need be have a piece of fruit too.

You could always have a LF yog over the cereal instead of milk or, like you said cut up a couple bits of fruit and a yog. Just make sure your brekkie is something substantial :)
just a little note on the carb issue (i'm a bit scared of them too) but if we have them for breakfast/lunch it gives your body time to burn them off rather than having them on an evening when you might just be sat watching the tv. x

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