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Breath!!! Ooooh!!!


Skinny Soon ?!
My CDC said I can use Gold Spot breath spray - so that works for me.

Have to also admit to using extra chewing gum but I don't think you are supposed to - doesn't seem to affect my weight or make me hungry and as in my job I need to speak to colleagues I couldn't bear the thought of huffing smelly breath at them.
I have the same problem, im sure I am just parnoid and i have to admit to taking chewing gum as well, when your dealing with patients every day I just cant have my breath smelling like a drain, its horrible
those disolvable listerien things u put on your tong :) i swear buy them £2.49 for 3 packs
No, Listerine Strips are recommended by LT HQ themselves. You can get them on eBay if you can't find them in your local shops.


I will be skinny again!!!
yeah bad breath is a common side effect of being in ketosis!! ITs gross!!! lol


My husband = My hero
on the plus side though.... you are breathing out the ketones, which means that you are breathing out the fat!!

i tell my fella hes breathingin my fat when he says my breath smells haha

he can have what i dont want any more!!
Wow I never thought of it like that Lauren!! Lol now when people are standing too close I can threaten them with my "fat breath"!!!!
lol fat breath thats a cracker

i just keep it mouthwashed yo lol

also its not as bad now as it was originally

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
i carry a small bottle with a spray top (bought from super drug) with listerine mouth wash in! it works wonders at them moments of paranioa a little squirt and im sorted x

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