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Breath strips


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Hi all,

Following on from Jan's letter and the issue regarding Listerine breath strips........ I mentioned some weeks ago that my pharmacist said the LT were going to produce their own strips, LT replied to Jan and stated that it wasnt likely to happen. I was in the pharmacy this morning and lo-and-behold on the counter they had ''Nu-phar'' breath strips.

I asked the girl and she said that they were the ones that LT are producing in response to Listerine discontinuing their range.

Anyway, I thought I'd post about this. Meant to buy some but was in shock tbh. I will get some later and take a pic. I questioned her quite a bit and mentioned Jans letter stating they wouldnt be doing them but she was adamant they were from LT.... Go figure?!

Dont know how much they were here before but the new ones are €1.99 which I thought was a bit steep!
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Hi Theresa,
I also got these today, they're 1.95 euro here. When I look at the back I see they are made in Co. Offaly, I wonder is that why we got them in Ireland quicker than the U.K. The lass at my chemist told me LT brought them out as well although there is no mention of them on the pack. The LT rep came last week and gave them to the chemist as an LT product. She said they worked in conjunction with the Nuphar company to produce them.
The ones I got are freshmint, didn't think they would be but they are the only ones available, I thought they would be original like the Listerene mouthwash but I never used the Listerene strips only mouthwash so don't know what flavour they were.
The plot thickens when I too think back to the reply to JanD's letter stating they were too expensive to produce? If I am correct! Which shows that whoever replied to JanD doesn't know what is going on in the company either, if these are indeed endorsed by LT.
Well I tried them anyway and they are quite strong, so good for people who need them. My sister said she would only use half a one as she thought they were way too strong.
Look forward to hearing if there is more information on these as the week goes by.
Take care.


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I went back to look at the reply to JanD's letter and here is what they said about the breath strips.

'We have considered making breath strips, but this has proved difficult as the reason brand name products have been discontinued, is that manufacturers are not prepared to produce small volumes.'

I had previously said I believed their excuse was they were too expensive, however as you see their answer was in fact that manufacturers are not prepared to produce small volumes. So apologies for misleading anyone. However the reply was sent 17/6/09, which is 12 days ago and yet these are on the shelves now. Need I say more!


I will be skinny again!!!
oooh this is interesting!!! :) xxxx


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Wish I'd known this before I sent my reply to their reply this morning!

Still - in it I mentioned this forum so maybe they'll come on and have a look ..... though somehow I doubt it ... :eek:

I didn't post it here because I didn't know if there was still any interest and didn't want to seem to be having a 'downer' on LT. I really don't - just a few frustrations!

I doubt if there'll be any further communication but if there is I'd love to have an empty pack to send to them. Or ask one of you who has one to send it to them .... we'll see xx



Positivity is the key
That's a pain in the ass JanD, but just got them today myself. As for a downer, you are always so positive about LT no one could think that. I would love to know if you get a reply and if you don't want to post it then PM me if you wish. Depending on your reply, in which I would hope they mention that they are now selling them, but if they don't I would only be too glad to post them on to them.
Take care.


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I didn't actually mention the breath strips - I just accepted their reply on that - no reason not to (till now ;)). I'll PM you what I sent them if you like, can't do it right now tho' coz it's not on this pc. xx


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Hi Jan
You took a lot of time and effort with the letter and I too am very interested in their reply.

So, if you want to PM me too, or Doirin, can maybe forward it...like a chain letter :)


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It's not their reply - I posted that - it's my reply to their reply ... oh sod it - I'll post that here - have to go and send it to myself 1st - and then see what reply I get and let you know xx


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Glad someone else saw these strips in the pharmacy.... I googled them after posting and couldnt find them. It was the whole left hand and right hand not knowing that got me. Plus I looked like a complete eejit having mentioned the reply to Jans letter last week and then seeing them on the counter today!! Ha ha ha ha.... thanks LT!!


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Here 'tis x

Dr. Stephen Kreitzman,
Howard Foundation Research Ltd
Downing Park,
Station Road,
Swaffham Bulbeck,
CB5 0NB.

Dear Dr. Kreitzman,

Thank you for your speedy response and apologies for my slow one. I was away when your letter arrived.

You have put considerable effort into communicating a selection of data and scientific information irrelevant to my points. Your response reads as defensive and irritated and you seem not to have taken the letter in the spirit it was written, which I was at pains to point out. You also chose to completely ignore the positive feedback in the very first paragraph.

You obviously have an issue with on-line forums. While I completely understand and accept that not all of the people using them will necessarily have the same agenda, please credit us with a little common sense. I have not heard of the forum you mention. I was very fortunate to stumble across minimins.co.uk when looking for the support which, you state yourself you do not provide.

None of us are disputing the efficacy of the programme. As I stated in my last letter we are all big fans of it. However, if you don’t provide the emotional & psychological support so absolutely necessary to anybody on a weight loss regime but even more vital to anyone on a VLCD, you cannot judge people who try to provide it for each other. I mean you MUST know that success or failure begins and ends in the individual’s head! In these high-tech days that support is always going to be sought on-line and in the absence of an official or approved forum what are we to do?

With the best will in the world, pharmacies & their staff cannot provide the support that people in the same situation can provide for each other. Nor can they be there at all hours of the day & night ready to reassure, encourage, sympathise or do whatever else might be needed to help an individual through a difficult moment – no matter how long that ‘moment’ may last.

The forum I belong to is sensible, extremely well regulated and you will not find any ‘dangerous’ advice on there. As I said previously, our bottom line is always “ring the helpline”. I believe it to be the best that there can be until such times as there is a definitive ‘official’ one overseen by someone employed to do just that. (Let me know when you’re considering this – I’ll send my CV .)

It would be a pointless exercise to go over items from the last letter, even though it really would be nice to know just what is included in fluid intake and to know whether the list of refeed days 4-7 foods is correct, or is it the sample day which includes an extra carbohydrate serving that’s right? I managed to lose my 50lbs and do 2 weeks of refeed without knowing the answers, sensible people muddle through. I just genuinely thought that you would be interested in issues people were having and perhaps even want to help them. I have to turn one of your sentences back to you – “Many comments are based on prejudice, bias or simply hearsay” Yes, I think some of yours are.

We do not argue with any of the facts. Your information is based on over 30 years of scientific, nutritional and medical experience and 23 years of medical use of Lipotrim in the UK. Your maintenance programme is the first physiologically based innovation for this purpose available anywhere in the world – and that’s marvellous! That’s truly fantastic and we love it!

It’s just such a pity that we get different answers when we try to find out – for example - how much fluid we’re supposed to drink and what exactly we can include in that total. And that constructive criticism is met with defensive high-handedness.

The bottom line is – you talk of science and products, research and nutrition, information and innovation, standard operating procedures etc. and you even provide an acknowledgement as to the validity of your studies.

I’m talking about people

Yours truly

Awesome letter tbh

Am due WI tomora so gunna see if they have some strips i do hope so lol


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Great letter Jan- I'd love to hear their reply? Hopefully it'll be of a 'grovelly' nature apologising for their aloof response to your first one!
I have a stack ot the listerine strips and hopefully they'll last me to the end of my journey- I always have a little listerine in a travel spray bottle in my car as well though.


Life is not a Rehersal!
How elequently put but with conviction and strength.

What a response....I look forward to the reply because you have put that across so well.

Again, thanks Jan!


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Thanks folks!

I waited some time before writing it as i didn't want to do it out of annoyance. However I'm not sure I couldn't now be accused of being defensive .... ah well, at least we'll have tried and done all we can.

I'll let you know if/when I receive a response. xx


Positivity is the key
Well done JanD on another well executed, articulate letter.
I look forward to hearing a reply, if any.


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Thank yooo - Me too - but I won't hold my breath ;) xx
their original reply was clearly a cut and paste fob-off job, hope someone with a bit of human warmth responds to you this time Jan!

i sooooooooooo want to get my hands on doing their PR!!


maintaining since June'09
their original reply was clearly a cut and paste fob-off job, hope someone with a bit of human warmth responds to you this time Jan!

i sooooooooooo want to get my hands on doing their PR!!
HaHa - And I'll run their forum ... WE can sort 'em out ;) :) xx

It's such a shame coz the programme is sooo good!! :eek: xx

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