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Bren's Maintenance Diary

Well, I'm back, hardly had time to sleep let alone log in here for the last fortnight!

I started December at 11st 7lbs. A week in, I had lost 2lbs and was 11st 5lbs. My final goal is 11st, but my December aim is to not finish the month any heavier than I started it! So I am hoping that I am no more than 11st 7lbs by 1st Jan, preferably less :dreamworld: and then I think I may go TFR for the first 3 weeks of Jan to get a little below goal so I have 'bounce room' for maintaining.

This morning I weighed in at a slightly shameful 11st 9lbs :break_diet: so as you can see, after the first week of Dec being a loss of 2lbs, I have since managed to gain 4lbs :( I'd like to blame the fact it's the TOTM, but in reality, it's been my lack of willpower in the run up to Christmas, surrounded by chocs and biscuits at work and endless naughty presents from my class!

I am not expecting miracles, but I would like to lose 2lbs this week so that on Christmas morning I weigh in at 11st 7lbs again. I will probably have a couple of less restrained days, and then back on the wagon so that a week later, I am no heavier. Fingers crossed!

Still loving being a size 12 and getting loads of compliments. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself for having slipped in the last fortnight - I have to remember how far I have come, and what I have achieved. I also need to keep weighing myself (I've suspected I put weight on and so had avoided the scales :rolleyes: ) so that I can catch myself putting weight on EARLY and DO something about it!!

Going to have a nice relaxing bath now with a good book and large mug of hot water.
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December is always a hard month for maintaining, but its just a few weeks now and it will all be over again for another year.

Well done on what you have accomplished up to now, it really is great strutting our stuff in smaller sizes eh!
Size 12 is almost better than sex isn't it?!

Keep jumping on them scales......

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
As Mary said December is a hard month to stay on track. Mentally, we are totally geared up for excess in all things. Your plan for a couple of good days and then a few bad days is pretty good. That way you won't do too much damage.
If you can get to your goal for Dec that would be fab but if not, don't beat yourself up over it.
Do keep weighing yourself as the scales give us the mental kick we need to keep on track.
Have a great week!
This has been the easiest December for me ever and I hate it! When I was working, as a Business Development Director, I used to generally go to about 3 functions a day! And I used to flit between here and London too, it was great fun but I drank way too much champagne.

Next year hopefully!


maintaining since June'09
Hi Bren!

Lovely to hear your story - you've done soooooo well, FAB :D

I think we're all in the same boat, struggling with the Christmas spirit - and the goodies ;). I firmly believe staying on here will see us through - helping us get back on track in between and after the festivities so stick around!!

I do wonder whether you meant to post this in the CD section of the forum rather than Lipotrim? Not that you're not welcome - just that you might not be reaching your CD friends :)

Have a great Christmas and a peaceful & joyful 2011 xx
Thanks all! Jan, I started my weight loss journey on LT in August, and although I switched to CD further down the line, my weight loss diary and posts were all in here so I've never 'moved out'. I've tried a couple of times, but the CD lot aren't as gobby as us lot ;)

I'm having a TFR day today, as I had lunch out yesterday. Then a 1000 day tomorrow, and TFR on Thursday. 1000 day on Friday, attempt to do 1000 on Christmas day (will certainly have my CD porridge for breakfast instead of the usual Christmas day brekkie of pain au chocolate and croissants!) and Boxing Day, then probably a TFR day on Monday to help get me back on track (next consultant weigh in Tuesday morning 28th!)

I'm trying to not have too much of an impact on my socialising over the holidays, and yet not go off the rails completely!
Good luck with it Bren, you've done amazingly well.

The LT forum is totally brilliant! On one of the others they can't even use the word poo! I never went back!


maintaining since June'09
AH!! I See :D!! I didn't 'recognise' you ;) but that'll be because I gave up going on anything but the maintenance forum (and initially the 100% forum but not for long) when I lost patience with people having planned 'cheats' and 'days off' etc and got myself in lumber for voicing my opinion :eek:. I decided I was better off not going there ;)!!

I didn't realise some other parts of the forum weren't perhaps as 'friendly'(?) as others though I DO know some are very quiet. When I initially joined back in November 2008 I was on Diet Chef & often in that forum on my own!! :(

Sounds like you have a great plan for the holidays Bren! Hope it all goes according to it for you :D xxx

Yes I've only just 'moved' into the maintenance forum, but have been quite gobby elsewhere for the last few months :D

I've not been 100% today :rolleyes: and so have ended up having 1055 cals in total. Doh! I'm thinking of joining WW in the new year, once I've hit goal. I'm going to go TFR for 3 weeks starting from Monday 3rd Jan, and then I'm thinking if I join WW and do their propoints plan, I can continue having 1 CD product for lunch at work (shakes are 4 PP, bars are 5 PP) and that could be quite a good way to maintain.


maintaining since June'09
I think anyone being 100% any day this week deserves a medal ... a big fat gold one!!!! :D xxx
I think anyone being 100% any day this week deserves a medal ... a big fat gold one!!!! :D xxx
A big fat gold chocolate one :D


maintaining since June'09
Oooooo yesssssss good one :eek:!!!! xxx


maintaining since June'09
And cream!!!???xx
Haha Sandra - that's exactly what I was going to reply, when I saw your post!
We've started eating the Lindor decorations that I forgot to put on the Xmas tree! Anyway, my tree is entirely in shades of gold so my excuse is that they didn't match:D


maintaining since June'09

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