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I will succeed!!!
Well, I don't like milk as a drink, but do use it on cereal and in my morning coffee. I'm pretty 'relaxed' in how I measure my milk simply as I rarely use much (hate soggy cereal and only have 1-2 brews a day). I have 250ml allowance using s/s and figure I won't go over (but I might at times given I make pasta n sauce with milk).

I'm not a good role modle clearly - strict with HEBs but not with my milk as a HEA! Not done too much damage so far though :) xxx


Vegetarian who lives2eat
I put my HEX milk in a little silver jug for the day and store it in fridge and use this for tea/coffee or cooking, when its gone its gone, suprising though there is always some left at night and I just drink that as I believe the calcium is important.
I don't drink milk or take it in cereal as I find it makes me feel a little sick and I drink herbal tea anyway. I usually have a bit in my scrambled eggs and then have cheese most days as my hea. I take supplements with calcium in and eat a lot of yogart as I am worried about not having enough calcium in my diet.
I never used to be very strict with my milk, until I got to the last few stubborn pounds. Since then I measure out my 250ml every morning into a little jug and use that for my cereal and drinks.

I also measure out my milk but I find weetabix take a lot, so those days I might use more but then I do get extra HE's as I'm breastfeeding.


Slow but sure....
I don't drink tea and only like black coffee - so I have some of my milk on cereal and use the rest up in a milky drink at bedtime.

A dash is a splash of milk I suppose - or maybe just a smidgeon, LOL.....I'm sorry I have no idea how much a dash is, it all depends on individual taste I suppose.
I never measure my milk as I have skimmed and never eat cereal so its only used for tea, I couldn't use it all in a day. I can't stand cheese either so it's no use swaping the milk for cheese.
I only use milk for tea and I buy semi-skimmed, so I don't measure it, I just count it as my HexA.

If I'm being extra good, I'll thrown in one Syn to my total, just to cover the possibility that my endless cuppas have used too much milk for a HexA.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oh gosh - how can you not like cheese!!!! I love it, I should have been a mouse I think, LOL.....
Cheese used to be my downfall! Cut a piece, "oh it's not straight", straightens it up. Nope that's not straight either! Have another go! Oh, extra mature cheddar!, gorgonzola! Yorkshire Blue, Vinny,mature wensleydale, Caerphilly,Brie, Emmental, I could go on and on! Oh and my favourite is Roquefort! :drool:
I weigh it out now.
I only have a couple of coffees with a "splash" of skimmed, so I ignore it!
I have a jug into which daily I weigh out 560mls ( HE A 350ml Skim Milk & HE A 210ml Skim milk (% as also have some cheese)).
At night I always make sure I finish up any leftover milk.
I like having a lot of hot drinks (or at least the option of a lot of them - LOL)