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Bricking it about first weight in tomorrow...

Its my first week on SW, and was previously on WW for last 13 weeks and lost 25lb. Feel like i've stuffed myself all week, and did have 1 day off plan, and did exceed my syns on 2 days too, but do lots of exercise etc, but I weighed myself at home today and havent lost anything.... :( Absolutely gutted. I know that it may show differently tomorrow at class but I cant see it somehow....

Feel like i'm doing it all wrong and just eating the lb's back on.... Worked so hard on WW and was miserable and hungry all the way through... now I feel happy and full but not losing. Was a consistent 2-3lb a week before....

Someone please give me some motivation....

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If it helps at all I went to my weigh in tonight feeling really fat and convinced I looked huge, when she said 3.5lbs I asked her if that was on, it wasn't and thanks to that I also got slimmer of the week. Sometimes if you are convinced it's going to be bad you get a very pleasant surprise when it's good or at least not as bad as you thought. (((hugs))) fingers crossed you will have a surprising loss too. Hugs Crystal xx
Thank you... And I know this, but just feel bleurgh. Did ww online so classes are all new to me.
But think about it one day completely off plan and 2 days over syns = 3days off plan and 4days on plan!

I would think you may loose I doubt it will be a gain! But just remember 4days on plan isn't going produce the same results as 7 good luck xx
First bit of advice: ditch the scales!
The whole idea of SW is that we are weighed once a week, whether this be by our consultant at class or following the plan online at home. Weighing yourself before your official weigh in is a big no-no. You are setting yourself with expectations which could be completely wrong - it is unlikely that your scales are in sync with the scales at class. Also, it means you are paying somebody £5 a week to do a job that you have already done yourself - pretty pointless if you ask me.

Also, if you have just switched from WW to SW, you're body will be adjusting to a change in diet. You may not see great results until your body begins to settle down - perhaps week 2 may give better results.

So, you had 3 days off plan and 4 days on. We all have days/weeks like this, and although the outcome will not be as great as 7 days on plan, I'm sure you will do fine. If not, it's a great means of giving you a kick up the butt and encouraging you to stick to the plan as much as possible.

Going to WI and staying to classes will help a lot, especially as you're new to this. The inspiration which can come from your group is amazing, and you'll pick up some great hints/tips.

Good luck!
I think adjusting from WW to SW is quite difficult at 1st due to the different ways in which the eating plans are. I have just about got my head around SW 2 weeks in although I will keep calling syns "points"!

I have heard of a few people who haven't lost much with SW initially but have gone on to loose weight in wk2 & so on.
Its my first weigh in too tonight and whilst I have followed the plan an ate enough fruit and veg to sink a ship, I ain't convinced I've lost anything. I don't weigh myself at home but always go to class feeling as tho I have had a bad week!! I also loose weight very slowly.
Well the boy decided on pizza hut and chocs in cinema today for his birthday. Worth it though :) he loved it and had s fab time. Fc for no gain now...
Right. Straight talking time. Choices are:

1)Take your scales & throw them away.

2)ignore all the advice on here about how much of a bad idea weighing between group is. Make yourself feel terrible. Fall of SW wagon cos you feel terrible. Continue to be overweight.

just exactly how much do you want to be
Slim??? Answer honestly & if you really want this - stop self sabotaging.

It is, btw, impossible to gain 4lbs of FAT in a day.
My friend is a serial weighed she weighted herself before WI, said she out 3 on, she paniced all day and didnt eat. She lost 5 pounds but funnily enough out 2 on the next week.

I dumped the scales the first week I joined slimming world, for me it was just a part of the brand new me. I don't panic before WI when I have been 100% on plan and if I have been naughty then I need the reality check BUT I found the support if the group important after WI and you don't have that if you are on your own in the bathroom :)

Seriously dump em!
Well was an overall gain of 2lb but I do know that's mainly pizza so fc for a loss next week.

I'm going to see take that Friday including an overnight stay and my first proper night out and night away in over 3 years. But 1 day maybe 2 shouldn't hamper it too much. Just done my weekly meal plan and set on a loss this week :)

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