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  1. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    This morning was my second weigh in on slimming world first week lost 3 and a half lb this week i put on 1 and a half lb. which is down to 3 night out and me thinking it wouldn't hurt and not altering my choices and just have what i would usually have, but a lesson learnt. Straight back on the horse this morning aiming to loose that 2 and a half lb and more next week even though eating out on tuesday!

    Got engaged in september and our wedding is set for may 17th 2014. Would love to be close to goal weight when i go dress shopping with my mom in may. My goal is 10 stone.

    hoping keeping this blog will spur me on...i am new to this and doing it from home so if im doing something wrong let me know

    for breakfast this morning i had a small portion of scrambled egg made with frylight

    lunch is a portion of homemade potato salad with very low syn mayo. (1syn) chicken breast salad and portion of fruit and yoghurt

    dinner will be pasta with a light tomato stir in sauce (6syns) and fruit

    total7 syns

    week1 3.5lb loss
    week 2 1.5 gain :(
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  3. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    Good morning. Actually had to think last night what id drank yesterday. Not good could only think of 2 cans of diet coke. Aim today is to drink atleast 4 pints of water.

    For breakfast i had a ham and mushroom ommelette.

    Off out for the day with the other half. Need to avoid eating lunch out.... Will let u know how ot goes
  4. RAllardice

    RAllardice Member

    Hiya, I got engaged in august, wedding date not till aug 2015 though. :) I have been the same drank 2 cans of diet cola today, even though I decided to drink more water. I have started drinking 3 mugs of green tea as suggested by someone at SW. Only joined last week so my first weigh in is tomorrow. hoping it goes well. Good luck to you x
  5. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    Good luck to you too and congrstulations on engagement. Didnt manage my 3 pints today not good. Had carvery for lunch only boiled potatoes no roasties and pub for dinner where i was quite naughty. Tomorrows another day and i will drink 3 pints and have no junk!!!

    Only i can make the decisions on what i eat and im the only one who wont loose any weight if i keep eating crap :-(

    Keep thinking about the dress!!!!!!
  6. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    Another crabby day yesterday. Not feeling well did not make me.motivated...

    Breakfast scrambled egg on toast hexb and some of my hexa allowance for milk

    Finish work at 2pm today and off shopping with the other half and i will not have greggs im going to take some fruit for lunch....

    Have spicy sausage pasta for tea so 4 syns

    today will be a good day

    keep thinking of that dress!!!!!
  7. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    Didnt resist greggs!! Why am i not motivated???? Think of the dress amy! You do not want to be an overweight bride!! :-( ...
  8. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Hey :)

    Don't worry we all do it :)

    Straight back on the wagon!!!

    U will get in that dress!!!! Xxxx

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  9. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    Thanks. Woke up very determined this morning.

    I will get that dress!!

    Starting swimming on tursday if the snow goes if not exercise dvd it is.

    Pineapple for breakfast yum

    Worried because im going away for the weekend next week. And i usually get the oh i wont bother doing it this week bcus im going away but nope up until thursday i am sticking to it... Loads of walking whilst exploring bath and when we get home straight back on weigh in monday...

    Hmmmm what to take for lunch today?

  10. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Yum pineapple :D
    Ohh lovely where are you going? Yeah deffo stick on plan till as long as poss :)

    Have a fab day xx
  11. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    Were off to bath the weekend. Weigh in this morning and im 11st so 2.5lb loss. Happy with that :) motivation for the rest of the week now :) xx
  12. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Well done on the WI, hope u had a good weekend xxx

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  13. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    Lying in bed both me and the other half have food poisioning :-(...other than that the weekend was wonderful. Worried about weigh in tmoz... Tempted to jump on scales now...
  14. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Oh blimey hope ur both ok cxx

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  15. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    Feeling better this morning managed to keep food down l
    Yesterday. Weigh in this morning.and have lost 1lb woop woop. Starts my week off well
  16. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Yayyy well done xxx

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  17. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    How are u doing?
  18. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Not too bad thanks :) not been on plan over weekend (not been too bad though!) so fresh start today :D xxx

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  19. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    Been off the wagon for a few weeks. Had a gd day today. Weigh in monday but fly out to teneriefe sunday so will be re starting again on monday 4th march truely 100% dedicated then until may and i start wedding dress shopping :)
  20. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    Well im back from holiday laying in bed too scared to weigh myself and hungry with no food in the house :(...going to weigh myself jump in shower snd go shopping. Have stir fry for tea tonight. Alpen bars for breakfast. Dont know what to have for lunch.... Hmmm

    Will let u know how much i weigh shortly

    O and ive downloaded some fitness apps on my phone to get motivated... Lol
  21. aimzey

    aimzey Full Member

    So my weight is 11 stone and 3lb ... Completly back to the beggining after 1 holiday. Some kick ass motivation now.

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