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bridesmaid/prom dresses - Unrelated to CD!


Going for Goal!
Hi everyone,

I need your help! I got married last year, bought 2 gorgeous 'Raylia Designs' Bridesmaid Dresses. After the wedding my uncle (who owns a laundrette) professionally dry cleaned them for me, and they are now immaculate. Ready for re-sale.

I have listed them on ebay 4 times - had lots of people asking questions and people 'watching' but in the end, no sale.

I have rang some shops to seek advice on where I may be able to sell them, with no joy in ideas. :rolleyes:

I'm wondering if any of you have any ideas?

The dresses are quite different in sizes (size 10 and size 20) so I'm wondering if perhaps it is due to that?

I really want to sell them, they take up so much room in my wardrobe and I bought them at £260 each (obviously they were brand new) I was hoping to get £100 for them each. Am I asking for too much? :rolleyes:

I don't know what to do!

Any ideas/help would be much appreciated ;)

Hugs x x x
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Going for Goal!
Yeah I have listed them seperately, just with a little note at the bottom saying I have another one for sale.
I'll try again, but I just can't afford to keep paying listing fees, without a sale!!!


WILL be Slim!
firstly, you shouldnt be paying fee's when you "relist".....i think anyway...so have a look at that!
And i hate to say it but i think your expectations might be a bit high...
What are you putting as your starting price? and postage cost? i am the ebay QUEEN!!! lol


Going for Goal!
I'm listing it as £99 starting price (no reserve) and £11.99 postage - I checked on Royal Mail website and for the weight of the dress £11.99 was what was quoted.


Queen of the Damned
It's your starting price (I think) - I generally look at items with a low starting price first of all. I also think your expectations may be a bit high - I can understand why, because obviously you want to recoup some money - but £99 as a starting price plus that postage would put me off. Sorry.


Going for Goal!
What would you advise should be my starting price?


WILL be Slim!
i dont look at things for 2 reasons:

1) The postage costs are too high and,
b) The item doesnt seem like a bargain...

And its b that is your problem...maybe putting at £20 starting price and in the title RRP £260 then that would make me look...

I would also warn that it will only sell for what other people believe its worth...it sucks, but its the harsh reality of ebay!

I got a dress the other day for 1p becuase no one else was interested....in fairness...its not something i will probably ever wear...but for 1p it was worth trying it on! lol

Try again, and really sell the dress in the description, dimentions as well of the dress.....

Does that help hun?


Going for Goal!
I hope so i'll give it a go. I'm not brilliant on ebay I must say. But I think I would be gutted if they sold for £20.

When you say you sell it for "what people think it's worth" How can I do that?

HUgs x x x


Shut up Ethel
I have no ebay tips, but you have loads already in fairness!

Have you tried dress agencies?
Or ring round the bridal shops and see if they can recommend anyone who does rental dresses that you could perhaps sell to?
Card in the supermarket (with photo) or corner shop?


Going for Goal!
They are dusky pink - This is the dress - Raylia Designs, Inc

If you look at the bottom right side and click 'view all colours' click 'oganza' and the colour is 'Dusty Rose'.

I also have the matching jackets. They really are beautiful, which is why I'm suprised they haven't sold, they are immaculate!


Slimming down the aisle
I love them!! They're beautiful. I think you need to start with a lower price. I find that often items that have lower starting prices end up going higher than those that have high prices, a high starting price can be a put off. People like thinking they might get a bargain, but will pay the price, if they get bid that high. If that makes sense!

You should be relisting them, which is usually free if not reduced. Also, having a high starting price will bump your fees up!

I'm with whoever said about your listing, make sure you really sell those dresses as best you can. Maybe mention that the larger one could be altered to fit a smaller person. What category are you listing them as? Remember they could be evening, formal or prom dresses too! :)


likes to post
I would try dress agencies and places that sell second hand wedding dresses, there are loads of places like that in Manchester area, I'm sure there must be some near you. You've probably missed the prom dress season though its normally may just before/after GCSEs

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