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Bringing back the Hour X Hour threads! - Soooo......here is todays!

When I did LL in 2008, there was a routine of daily "hour x hour' threads.

They were just a daioy thread you could hop in and out of throughout the day for a shout out - a moan - a giggle - to brag - to cry - whatever is going on in your day.

They were nice because everyone got involved - and it was a good way to get to know everyone on the forum.

It kept the forum lively too. I am sure some of us remember a lot of the banter on those threads - they were good days with a lot of laughs and comraderie!

So lets give it a go, shall we? :) ANy takers? :)
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This is my last weekend before my relaunch.

Its been hectic -after a long stressfull week at work, I worked overtime today. Boo hisssss. :D

I am getting prepared mentally, and can't wait for Tuesday morning - my first shake (again!) My first steph BACK to where I belong: slim healthy and happy.

These last few weeks have been a nightmare, and knowing Tuesday is just around the corner - I feel like, "Thank god its almost over!!!" The pull food has had on me has been sooooo strong until a few days ago.

So - tonight - quiet house to myself, some chickflicks - some diary updateing and who knows what else.

Hows everyones weekend so far? Any fun plans tonight? :)



Tough But Sexy X
Hey Hun, I'm just back from a weeks cruise! Had a fairly good time went with the ex but came off plan! I should be doing lite but feel I need a few days if total to get me back in the swing of it, so today will be my first shake for just over a week!

Good luck on your journey looking forward to reading all about it! Xx


Reaching the goal
I just bought a new bag yesterday and I couldn't stop staring at it. My mom scolded me for splurging on it. But I guess, I deserve it. After the heartaches and heartburns I had (LoL),then i truly need something like this. I know girls will agree. :)

Besides, instead of splurging on excess food which I will be carrying inside my body, then I think this one is a better deal. :)


Tough But Sexy X
Hi Lady - welcome back!!! Good foryou for getting back on track!! Where did your cruise go??

And D2, there is never a bad reason for buying a good handbag!!!! :D
Hi, good to be back the cruise started in Palma, then onto Livorno, Corsica, Toulon, Barcelona then back to Palma. Weather was amazing!

I love handbags and shoes, so totally agree who needs a reason to buy either lol xxx

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