Broccoli and cheese...


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Reminds me of the water left when youve boiled the veg!! Urghhhhh!! Its not for me im afraid!! Sarahxx.


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hehehe it's not quite that bad-but it could do with being a bit thicker and stronger tasting.Might be worth seeing what crisps made out of it taste like.


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I hate the broccoli and cheese i found it so disgusting. I only get the vegetable and oriental chilli yummy


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I've found if I make it in a smaller than normal mug it's very creamy and smooth :) Crisps - nah, they were green so it put me off!! :p


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I bought this kind but havn't tasted it yet not really looking forward to it either, i dont know why i bought it in first place lol.


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Made me puke!