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I have never tasted anything more disgusting in my life!


One day at a time!
Thank goodness for that - I tried it, thought it disgusting and have never tried another soup!
That's the best news I've heard in ages! Goodbye stinky feet soup


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I wonder what's in Bovril? I doubt they could make it so that it was allowable on SS. Maybe in the future they will develop carb free pasta and rice so that we can have savory rice type things without the carbs! Unlikely but here's hoping!


Winning a losing battle!
It's probably best that we don't know whats in it! I think it's got a high salt content so wouldn't really work for CD.

Something savoury that you can chew would be fab wouldn't it?!


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Definitely. Something like macaroni cheese lol I really am dreaming now!!!

Hmm...wonder what other kind of soup they could make?

I only tried the chicken and mushroom and didn't really like it. I may try it again and see how it goes. The brocolli and cheese one I never went near because I smelt it once and whoah! Never!!!

I keep contemplating spicy tomato but don't like spicy stuff. And I hate leeks so that's the other soup out! Might just stick to my tetras and bars!
I love the spicy tomato, I add loads of fresh basil to it yummmmy, i love the oriental chilli with loads of coriander too. I like the idea of pasta and rice but cant see it happening tho unfortunately. Rice pudding mmmmmmmmmmm. A 'cream of chicken' flavour would be nice or 'lamb hotpot'. xxxx


please try again
cheese and broccoli soup * shudder* i only manages 2 mouthfuls of that before it went doen the sink

i went off most of the flavours when i was on cambridge.

i shall be starting soon and living off chilled tetra's
yay that soup was evil.

w8 have a spag bol meal pack so it must be possible

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