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Broken ankle!

Just got back from the hospital. Slipped going out to my car, broken right ankle! I am well and truley plastered.

The plaster clinic thought I was mad when I asked then to give me an estimate of the weight of the plaster so that I could work out any weight loss:D

Anyway, I'm not too down hearted. I've lost almost a stone and I'll soon be up and at 'em again. It's just that when I'm laid up I don't so much eat as graze like a sheep... chocolate, biscuits etc so I'm going to try and be good.
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Hope your ankle no too sore! Just think the cast might work as an ankle weight so you can do leg raises for excercise singe I guess walking/running ect out

But good on you for asking the weight of the cast I would never have thought of that! :)


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Hi Bookworm,

Poor you:grouphugg:

You have done extremely well to lose a stone weight and regardless of the weight of the plaster you KNOW you have lost a stone.

. It's just that when I'm laid up I don't so much eat as graze like a sheep... chocolate, biscuits etc so I'm going to try and be good
I know how difficult it is to break old habits and ways of thinking and as you say when you are laid up it is not easy.

Perhaps if you start a diary thread now while your are laid up and record how you are doing we can all help you out to stay on the straight and narrow with a little bit of encouragement and support.:)

How long did they say you have to wear this plaster for?

Hope you are not in too much pain.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Bookworm,
If you feel tempted you can always come on here for some support. You know we are all behind you with lots of encouragement. If you are going to graze try to stick to grapes or other fruit. You could always get a SF chocolate caramel bar and cut it up into lots of small chunks so that it feel like you are nibbling a lot but are actually only having your allowed snack. Keep a food diary to keep track of what you are grazing on. It might stop you going OTT with the biscuits.

If you don't know the weight of the plaster I would just hop on the scales to see what it says. You know how much you were on your last weigh in so I would assume the difference is the plaster weight and use that as a guide.

Hope you get well soon. Don't worry too much about gaining weight. Any gains will soon be lost. You have great motivation and super losses.

BL x


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BW poor you.... Hope your not in too much pain.
We're always here if you start to feel fed up! xx
What a lovely bunch you are! I feel all warm and cosy now... not to mention itchy under the cast. Where's that knitting needle?

SATTSY: I'd never have thought of that! I'm doing lifts as I type.

A huge basket of fruit arrived this afternoon from my mum a retired doctor, thin as a stick, eats like a horse and still rides her bike at age 90!!!

Thanks again for all the encouragement. One good thing is, that we still have the stair lift from whem my pa in law lived here so I can get up and down the stairs

Talk to you all tomorrow.
Ps. What does 'rep power mean? The green thing under the number of posts on the left
Hi Bookworm, at least you can get up and down the stairs without too much hassle.
I have cut and pasted a section about reputation points
Hope that helps
BL x

Reputation Points

Reputation are the green boxes that come up beside your name. The more green boxes the more reputation points that user has received.

How do you get Reputation Power?
you get one point for every 100 post you do. Also others can give you reputation points. When you have 100 points that then is equal to 1 reputation power. So the more points the more power.

What you can do with them?
If you like what a member has posted you can give them reputation and this then will help their reputation grow.

Some members now have rep power of 1 and others have rep power all the way up to 226 or more! Which means they can give 226 reputation points.

Also, grey/black box is shown by people who give reputation comments that elect not to show reputation, and/or have 0 reputation power.

You can give people reputation points by clicking the
it is at the bottom left hand corner under Avatar.

You can see the comments left for you in UserCP, but not the people who have left them for you.

This is how it usually works:- "If a person with a rep power of 10 approves one of your messages, it gives you 10 reputation points. If a newbie has no rep power and they approve your post, then you won't get any points from them (but it's kind of them anyway :) ) Your rep power depends on a number of things including how many posts you have made, how long you have been a member and how many reputation points you have. The quickest way of upping your rep power, is to post loads and approve messages of people with high rep power, so that maybe they will reciprocate. In other words grovel :D At the end of the day…it's just a bit of fun. Nothing to take too seriously.
Thanks everyone. Boy that rep thing is complicated for an old fogey Lizzie!
I wanted to say how grateful I am to everyone on this forum for the support I've had in my first (proper) month. I have lost a whole stone. Looking to lose a good 7lbs in May. Couldn't do it without you all.
Hey Bookworm.
Basically the rep thing isn't of much importance but if you like something someone has said you can click on the little set of scales by their post and give them points (and write a comment if you want). You get them for making lots of posts too.

Your losses are great Bookworm. Keep up the good work

BL x

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