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Broken diet


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Just got a call from my friend. She started about the same time as me, but yesterday she couldn’t resist and she got 2 sandwiches and couple of chocolates. She said that she is addicted to food and mentally she is not able to stick to the diet. Just wondering – is there any point for her to stay on the diet if she is not able to stick 100% to it?

Thanks’ God I didn’t have any major problems so far…
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You have to be in the right state of mind mentally to commit to this very tough but effective diet. As she says she's not there, I would suggest that she tries another diet, maybe WW?


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I had food addiction issues a few years ago (still do to a certain extent not as bad now though) and found cutting out the carbs on an atkins style diet was good for me, as it's the foods high in carbs which are the addictive ones.


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Maybe she could try the maintanance programme? my pharmacist says some people have losses on maintanance just as good as if they were on TFR. That was your friend could still have 1 meal a day. it'd have to be a healthy meal obviously, but at least she would still have her food.


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I think Lily it would be even better for her. She said that the hardest part of this diet is not to eat normal food at all. She loved the flapjacks just because she could chew it -I could it as after half of it I almost throw up everything... oh... that was disgusting!


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I spoke to her and she is going to speak with Pharmacist today.
I really want her to be happy in her slimmer body but I know that TFR is not designed for her..


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oh those "flapjacks". i don't know how they can be called that! they are pure horrible! bleugh. i tried one of each flavour in my second week to try fight that desire to chew but oh my god no, they were terrible! i use a straw to drink my shakes and just chew on them now instead. I'm glad your friend is going to speak to her pharmacist. it sounds like she'll be much more successful on the other programme. wish her the best from me. :)


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Just looking at your graph Lily - you are doing great! Already lost 14,5kg wow. How are you finding it? Any temptations? Tough days? I had a bad day yesterday. I was hungry all the time. Finally went to bed at 9pm to forget about my empty stomach. But today I have checked my weight and I lost 30g since yesterday. Not too bad. :)This is what keep us motivated isn't it?
Thanks Avaya, i'm delighted with myself. there have been tough days yeah, i work in a bar at the weekends serving barfood and carvery and the smells drive me insane!! i just have to keep thinking about weigh in and how disappointed i would be if i cheated. i think distracting yourself is important too, like if i start thinking about wanting to eat something i make myself a cup of nettle and mint tea (the clipper one is yum!) or stick a dvd on.
I see you're from Ireland too, where abouts? I there's any nice country walks around you i'd take advantage of them. they help pass the time between your shakes and you get some fresh air and exercise too. Always bring somebody with you though, just in case. I went for a walk yesterday with my friend, when i say a walk i mean a 9 km hike up a big mountain in glendalough. i honestly thought i was going to pass out after the first few hundred steps, but the feeling of relief and satisfaction when i reached the top was totally worth it...and my friend calculated that we burned about 1500 calories each! thats like half a pound of fat!
It's amazing the way you can see drops in your weight from day to day isn't it? i think you're right when you say that's what keeps us going! going to bed early, if you can, really does help distract from hunger too and i find myself really lazy since starting the diet so any extra sleep is much appreciated!


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Hi Lily,
I live in Cabinteely, Dublin 18. There is nice small park beside me, and I have just spoke with lady that is working with me. We will go for a walk today – def. not 9km! hehe wow that was nice walk I have to say. Keep the good job! I hope I can progress and in some time soon convince myself that this is my new plan for life. Stay healthy and move as much as I can.
I believe that this will also keep my body/skin in a good condition and will speed up a little process of losing fat.

I work in the office so at least it is easy to stay 100%. I have my water on my desk so there is no way to forget about it. During the weekends it’s difficult to focus on drinking when I usually spend some time outside. I have under active Thyroid so in the morning I am taking the pill, then at 10 my first shake, then at 3pm when I’m back home taking another shake and the last one around 6pm. I usually go to bed around 10pm as I need to wake up at 6.20am and “just in case” my 15month old daughter would decide that she will not sleep and bring mummy a headache J

Do you have any kids Lily?
It sounds like you're doing really well, drinking lots and moving around. i'm sure the baby keeps you active too! Haha no i haven't got any babies yet, we're gonna wait a few more years i think, couldn't afford one right now!


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cant wait to share my weigh in with u

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