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Afternoon all, just wondering if anyone else has had any bruises that they can't explain??

I keep finding bruises on my arms and legs which i have no idea how they happened and wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

I don't usually bruise easily, i wonder if it's due to my decrease in padding?!?? :sign0163:
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Gone fishing
Some people do get unexplained bruises whilst on a VLCD.

It's usually caused by a lack of Vit K. There is a supplement you can get. Can't remember the name. Synkavit or something. Have a word at the chemist or visit your doctor if you're concerned.
Thanks i will go and investigate! xx


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TD, I too have got quite a few unexplained bruises, was gonna make an appointment to see my doc but I think I'll speak to the pharmacist at work first... thought it was just me!!
I noticed one near my wrist about two weeks ago and wondered how on earth i did it and then forgot about it, but now there is an extra three which look fairly bad which i'm sure i would remember doing!! Strange xx
Are you sure you are not pinching yourselve cause you can believe how much weight you have lost:D:D:D

No being serious perhaps you should seek a doctor
Well LL it could be that :busted:


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So I am not the only one then. Thank goodness. :)

I would have previously said its an unidentified drinking injury but I can't blame it on that anymore. I have had two on my thighs.
I am always getting unaccountant for bruises. I wouldn't worry if it were me. How many times do you knock your knee on a desk, or your elbow on the wall, etc., and not really take notice of it.
If you are concerned, then of course seek advice, but if it were me personally,. i would shurg it off to being an absent minded klutz. :)
Me to - seem to be popping up like daisies. But at the end of the day my Doc says I am healthier than ever, so it's a small price to pay.
I am more worried about the hair loss which some people get. I was rather ill a while back and went from very thick red hair which dissapeared (thank goodness evenly) and has never really grown back to what it was. Having said that though, I spend half the time on it and decided to make a feature and go blond. At the end of the day, it's what you do with it and if a few bruises come along with it, as long as you're healthy it a fairly good trade-off!
Best of luck with it.
How very stragne, that today I noticed loads of bruises on my upper thighs!! Loads of them! Never a one until this thread!! lol

I know what caused mine and this might shed some light....though I still don't know physiologically what causes them....but...

Over the weekend I pruned my tree and I got the high branches using one of those extension poles with secatuers at the end, and you pull a string which makes them snip....you know the ones?

Well, the tree was so high and on some of the thicker limbs I needed leverage to pull the rope to close the scissors.

I used my legs....my thighs, by resting the end of the pole on them I could then pull the string.

What is strange, is I was not putting a lot of pressure at all. At least I do't think so. Just resting it really. SO it did not take a heck of a lot of impact to bruise!

So those mentioned here who didn't know how they happened, could have happened quite easily without any knowledge.

Do wonder what makes it happen though.

Strange coincidence noticing it just after this thread!! Think I will go back and reread the thread link that was posted here too.



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