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Bruises on your knees eh?? What have you been up to ;)
Joking, yeah I'm bruising alot more easily too at the mo....but not there!:)



weighs a lot less
soory hun cant say ive noticed any maybe it because there is less fat covering your bones xx
I agree, defo cus theres less fat protecting you!!

When I say over at my mums house, I sleep in my sisters bed, and she desperatley needs a new mattress. I'm used to sleeping on a high quality memory foam mattress (a right posh one!)... the last time I stayed over the next day I was bruised down my left side, mainly my arm and hip/thigh... I couldnt understand at first, but then I realised the mattress must have been too hard, and with a little less fat than last time I slept on it it bruised me!!!


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Yeah ive noticed that hun. top of my thighs mainly, outside. Like you all say its prob becue of the bone closer to the surface xx
Everyone bruises from times to time. If one is constantly banging against furniture or involved in heavy contact sports, bruises are expected. Some people bruise easily, while others can be knocked about frequently with no apparent bruising. However, there may be some factors to explain why you bruise easily.
The amount of fat covering your body may be a contributing factor if you tend to bruise easily. If you do not have an adequate layer of body fat, then bruises will sometimes appear with the slightest knock. This is one of the reasons why some elderly people and children bruise easily. They may not have adequate fat on their arms and legs and may tend to bruise easily in these areas.
Bruising occurs when blood vessels under the skin break or burst due to a knock or injury. When damaged, the capillaries leak blood under the skin, and purplish or red bruising results. The colors of the bruise will change as the swelling dies down and the bruise fades.
Bruising does not only occur on the skin's surface. Deeper bruising can affect the tissues and organs. Although you will not be able to see these bruises, they can still swell and cause pain. A doctor should be consulted for any internal injury or pain.
Another reason that some people bruise easily is a rare genetic disorder called von Willebrand disease, which prevents the blood from clotting properly. This disorder affects at least 1% of the population. The symptoms of von Willebrand disease include excessive bleeding, especially in the nose and gums. The condition can also cause sufferers to bruise easily, typically in unusual locations. Symptoms of von Willebrand disease can be very mild, and for this reason, the condition often goes undetected. Von Willebrand disease is treated with a medication called Desmopressin.
Bruising is not abnormal. In some cases, you may bruise easily for no apparent reason from time to time. The colors of a bruise can sometimes look frightening, but they depend on the severity of the injury. If you experience any bruising that seems unusual, consult a doctor. Bruising can sometimes be a symptom of other illness, such as an irregularity in the liver or the blood clotting mechanism.
If you bruise easily due to accidental or sports-related injuries, it is best to limit the amount of bleeding that occurs. This can be achieved simply by applying an ice pack to the area. If you have no ice available, simply take a bag of frozen vegetables from the freezer and apply it to the bruise.


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Good god!! My knees hurt too Fi in bed lol x
They would do;) xxx
thank god its not jus me then!! the bruisin is on the inside of my knees which is where ive lost quite a bit of fat lol so that wud explain it. lol never thought of it that way!
I actually find it really uncomfortable sleeping with my knees touching now! God we are never happy are we lol xx

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