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Buddy wanted apply within

Hi Hun,

I am pregnant with my first :) 23 weeks and trying not to put on to much weight as I am already obese :( Trying to eat lots of healthy stuff!!! I need all the support I can get!

How far are you gone hun?


Im only 5wks early days but this is 3rd. Have a 5yr old and 16mth little tortures. With my second I just ate managed to lose 40 after the birth but recently put a stone back on trying to follow slimming world at the minute what have you been doing. Its soo hard wait til cravings set in with me lol
Well first off congratulations on your pregnancy :)

I have had cravings for Milk! So at least thats not to bad, as been drinking skimmed! Hubby laughs at me, as I used to HATE it!

I have just been trying to eat healthy, watch portion size ( one of my downfall!) and keep an eye on my cal intake. I lost weight to begin with as had bad sickness, but to many take aways have piled it on!

I have heard really good things about slimming world. Do you go to classes or do it online?


soon to be slim...x
Hi ladies im 7weeks pregnant wiv baba number 2! Im really excited and also dont want to pile the weight on!
Im eating healthy and followin my fitness pal to help me keep track!

Congrats on all ur pregnancys :D x


Weight - 15.0 BMI-32.9 (Start 15.7)
Total loss - 7lbs
1st Aim - 13.9 BMI-29.9 (19lb to go)
Congrats on your pregnancy!! I had a bad pelvis with my second (15 month age gap didnt help) but its been much better this time, only sore in the last week or so.
Hi Girls
I'm new to this site, and thank god i found it! Really want to keep weight off during this pregnancy, buts it so hard to do it on your own, so would love to have a pregnancy buddy too!
i'm 29 and 15 weeks pregnant with my second. My little girl is 13 months so will have my hands full. I put 3.5 stone on with my last pregnancy and felt sooooo miserable. I lost a lot of weight soon after the baby was born, and a further 3 stone came off with the help of weightwatchers. I've still about 2 stone to go (probably more actually) and while i don't expect to lose anything, I'd love not to gain any! Didn't know this was possible until I read some other posts!! Started to get back on track today and downloaded an app for tracking points so wish me luck!!


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Hi ladies,
Congratulations to all of you, Im 16 weeks with baby number 3 I already have a 2 girls 7 yrs and 20 mths So far Ive stayed the same with my weight but going give slimming world ago I've heard so many success stories during pregnancy just want to put on little weight as possible. During my first pregnancy I lost loads of weight just in first few months and kept my weight down and actually weighed a stone less after birth than before pregnancy and then another stone and half fell off by its self but wasn't so lucky second time round I think I put on about 2 stone during pregnancy. I would love to lose a few pounds before xmas xxx


soon to be slim...x
Cas3 said:
PS which do you think is better during pregnancy weight watchers or slimming world xx
Iv heard slimming world is "allowed" but as long as u eat right and feel your eating enough I wouldnt rule out weight watchers x

My Fitness Pal - xSoon2bMrsSlimx

Weight - 15.0 BMI-32.9 (Start 15.7)
Total loss - 7lbs
1st Aim - 13.9 BMI-29.9 (19lb to go)

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