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Hi :) I spend about £40 on shopping for a week! I shop online through asda, i have found they are cheaper for most things, salad, veg, ww foods, always have deals aswell, but ur right it depends on what u buy xxx


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Hi Starsy

Myself and my husband spend around £45 a week and that includes all meals/snacks/lunches (I take my own to work). We shop in Sainsburys which is not the cheapest but a much nicer shopping experience! :)


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I shop on Ocado for me and the OH and spend £40 a week (their minimum spend) and that includes packed lunches for work. That is mainly food only - we get our household stuff in Costco. You will find you spend less money shopping online because you don't walk around throwing stuff you don't need in the trolley! You also see how much you have spent before you commit to buying so you can set a budget and put stuff back or substitute for cheaper items if you go over it. You can also change your mind before delivery day.


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BTW - if you want the cheapest go to mysupermarket.com. You can make up your basket and it tells you which one of Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Ocado are the cheapest and suggests cheaper substitutions.

In my area though, the cheapest turned out to be the least reliable and never turned up! The second cheapest kept leaving half my shop behind at the store and their customer service was diabolical and the third cheapest stuff was always going out of date the next day. Just my personal experience. I prefer to pay a few pounds more and not get messed about because my primary reason to shop online is to save time.
How do you manage to spend so little???*!!!! I go to tesco's once a week & spend about #100. That is for all household stuff as well as food for 2 adults & a growing 12yr old boy!!!!


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I plan a weekly menu and I only buy what I need and what I can afford. It's rare that food gets thrown out. I can spend a lot more though if I go into the supermarket on so called bargains that really save me very little. I think very carefully about what I am buying if I shop online. I probably spend about another fiver in the week on bits I might have forgotten. And I might have some food in the freezer which I will use. So my total spend is probably more like £50 for two of us.
Thanks everyone for your reply. I can see that the average is £20 a week for 1 which works better than TFR I did before £25 and £36 which was hard to follow. I hope ww will suit me because I found it quite ok till today (day 3)

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