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There is 2 of us in our house and we spend about £50 a week, and this normally includes some household stuff. You just need to be organised and plan and once in the supermarket stick to your list!!

I plan what I am eating/cooking everyday and then buy only those ingredients.

I have friends that spend more than double us but it is so unnecessary. We eat well and waste little. Perfect combo!


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Definately spend more if I'm doing the Red days, but green days work out much cheaper!
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Red days are really pricey i find so i stick to green week days and have red days at the weekend :D:D


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there are some great brgains on meat so not the end the world. put planning and shopping - i have started using asda online again to stop temptation and local green grochers are great.
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I spend roughly £50 on both of us... but if i wanted to save I could probably drop to £40... Tesco does brilliant fruit and veg offers :D x
well i found out where my nearest lidl is though i wouldnt say near but im a big walker so i will have to walk the hour to get there and take bus back and gonna start going to greengrocers in another village. just unfortunate as i live on a estate off a main road and a big tesco is 15 minutes walk away, which is fine i guess.. adds to my exercise and the nearest shops are really pants
and im going to start using frozen vegetables as apparently they could actually be better for you
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You could also shop online?? Then you don't get tempted by any goodies :D:D x
ah thats a point. i know delivery charge is £5. is there any other advantages of buying online?
Quorn is expensive when not on offer, go to Holland and Barrett and get something called TVP. It is very cheap and is used liked quorn, you can find recipes on the internet for it. Free if it is made with unfattened soya.

Plenty of benefits to shopping online, you have to search for what you want and don't get caught so much by product placement, someone packs it all for you and drives it home and you don't have to get stressed by screaming children running infront of your trolley.
If I go to lidl I usually spend about £80,but Tesco or Asda can be as much as £150 .This is because I end up looking at the kids clothes and at the moment, our 3 seem to be continually growing very quickly!!

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I probably spend approx. £200 a month on the two of us - I do a 'big' shop once a month (freezer bits, meat, veg etc.) and then just top up each week with the essentials! I am a big 'red' fan but make sure i buy cheaper cuts of meat and cook them accordingly - slow cooker etc. xxx
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For the four of us I spend between £60-£100 per week. I'm quiet careful & will buy things which I know will be eaten if they are on offer; eg if WW yoghurts on offer I'll buy those instead of Activia. My lovely FiL brings us some meat round each week.

I also try not to go to the supermarket mid week as I usually find we can 'do without' until the next shop. If I do go mid week it's usually for fruit or veg.

I'd definately try online shopping, it might seem like a lot £5 delivery but you will make savings by buying only what you need.
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I definetly think shopping online is a good plan for you :D You can avoid all the choccy deals that we get pulled in on and not buy anything you dont need just because its on offer... thats how u spend more i always find x


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Im on a tight budget and have around £25 a week as well.
I write my menu for the week and a shopping list from that. I then type my list into mysupermarket.com and work out the price. I then walk around asda's with my list and calculator and add everything up as I go round. I find it really helps me not buy the offers
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Ahhh ... good idea :D

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