bugger bugger bugger


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good morning every1, well i have been good as gold all week and its my first weigh in tonight and i have cae on my monthly this morning, i hope i still have a weight loss, i will b so disheartened if i sts even though i know why this will b xxxx

moan over ..............
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I find that the week leading up to it can be as bad if not worse, so hopefully it won't have TOO much effect. Put a little star next to the WI amount. That way over time you'll see the pattern of how it affects your weight and know more of what to expect.



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You know you couldn't have done anything more than you have so whatever the scales say, you're a 'winner' xx


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I always put a star in my book as well. Thats the way Ive discovered that I tend to STS or put on 1lb. Its reassuring when you look back and can see a pattern


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Good luck. At least you know why if you haven't lost anything. I've got a feeling you still will have though!



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If you've sts though, at least it's not a gain!! :)

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Good luck Hun...dont panic about the weigh in. Just go and explain that its your totm. I usually gain the week before but then have a decent loss the week thats its here.



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I have lost weight whilst dieting and bein on my period in the past but our bodies are funny thing. I'm sure you haven't gained..especially if you have been good :)