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builion? how much??


getting slimmer


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
My sheet says:

Marigold Bouillon Vegetable Stock.
2 x teaspoons a day in a large half litre mug or 4 x quarter teaspoons in a normal sized mug.

Sounds a bit weird, I am assuming that the second half of that means you can have one teaspoon in a normal mug, as 4 x quarter teaspoons makes one spoon, unless my maths is crap?


getting slimmer
so, 2 teaspoons a day??
2 cups?
why is this hard for me?? duh!! ;)


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
God I dunno, it isn't very clear is it?
Maybe, you can have 2 half litre mugs in a day each with 1 spoonful of bouillon or 4 normal mugs a day each with a quarter of a spoon :confused:

Maybe someone more helpful than me will clear the confusion up!!


getting slimmer
i think i'll just have "a bit!!"
sounds like, to me, as long as i dont have more than 2 spoonfulls a day, it'll be ok??
just measured my mugs, (the things we do!!) and there 400 grams, so just under a teaspoon in each should be ok??
i think!! lol!! x


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When I first started CD I used to have 2 teaspoons in a mug and make a strong cup, so that I could have a shake and then something savoury later - It never took me out of ketosis.

Find I don't fancy it with the hot weather (when the sun actually comes out) lol

The Marigold low salt was is good and much cheaper, but CD one is nice too.


getting slimmer
thanks! x
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i buy the marigold vergetable green tub with orange lid.. and can have 2 cups of it a day!

they do do a low salt version but i have yet to find it :)

my cdc says 2 t spoons a day is fine! its a life saver really is when your suffering with a savoury tooth :)


getting slimmer
yep! deffo. i cango without the sweet styff its the savory that gets me.
also like having a little extra meal, i add a few drops of tabasco and pepper to make it a bit more exciting!!
ive just got the low salt one at the mo...its in a purple tub. x


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I find it very helpful to have bouillon when I get the munchies - it takes the edge of the appetite which is never hunger! I can then wait for the next shake time without any danger of looking for something to eat! I do like it strong though!

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