Bulimics or bingers


Hi everyone
I want to know if there's anyone who is trying to do cd is a bulimic or binger.

How did you cope with the pressure of not to binge? I am trying so hard to not binge whilst on the cd I have good days which Is good and then bad days that is hard rock down right bingening on crisps,chocolates,sweets,biscuits etc. Right now I have binged 3days in a row and then I exercise like mad so I can lose.
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I am not sure about this but I thought having a serious eating disorder such as anorexia/bulimia was a reason to NOT go on a TFR VLCD?

I am sure I read that somewhere.

I think that trying to do without food completely may be making your bingeing worse. You might just be asking too much of yourself since the binge eating alone is sabotaging your efforts to lose weight.

You might need to seek professional help for this if you haven't already. Another tip is try low carbing/Atkins. This settles those carb craving binges; most people find they can be more relaxed around food whilst eating enough to prevent hunger and stay healthy.

Good luck hun, whatever you decide to do xx


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i am a binger but to be honest i find the abstinence works for me.
i tend to binge when im eating as a little leads to alot... one biscuit and i finish the pack for example. so abstaining and having no contact with food whatsoever (4 shakes a day) is great for me.
try to do a few days just on drinks if you are on ss (ie no bars) and break the cycle of having food. see if it works for you.
good luck xxx


Hi all
Thanks for replying to this thread. Before I started cd I was trying to figure out stuff like y I was eating these stuff and I knew I had to do something about it I wasn't diagnosed there and then to having bulimia and I thought maybe I was being a greedy pig but then my weight was increasing and I was being helped with pcos and the endocrine doctor had suggested to go on cd or I would had to do a gastric banding which I didn't want to. Then 2 months in I get the apptment for my eating and its only from January that I was diagnosed as a bulimic I don't perge just binge in secret and buy things in a big quanity to eat n stock in secret. So now I'm just waiting for an apptment for a specialist they told me it's gonna b a wait until I can get an appt n by that time I'm finished the cd.
What do I do?


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Bulimia Nervosa is a significant psychological disorder and although you may think CD is a good way to control calorie intake between binges (and undo the binging as you try to do with the exercise) it may just in fact feed into the cycle and trigger the binge episodes. This may also worsen your mental health.

You need to have a chat with your GP as they are the best qualified to discuss this with while you wait for the appointment.

Also Bulimia Nervosa | Health | Patient UK lists some sources of support that may help you find a support group to go to while you wait.

Take care


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Just a thought... When you filled out the medical record form with your CDC did you not tick the box for bulimia/ eating disorder? If so, you shouldn't have been allowed to start...
I hope you get the help you need xx


Wen I was handed the form I ticked depression not bulimia the dietician was concerned it was more my pcos with than you get weight gain it's only after that I spoke to the doctor and said I think I have a problem with food i.e binges. They couldn't do anything because nothing came back until after I started the cd even though they put urgent appt and nothing happened even from 2009 nothing happened I really didn't think I had a problem. I think from buying food and hiding it and eating it in secret that's wen I knew I had a problem. I know it's really bad but I got to hang in there.
Thank you