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Bum + kick needed please?!


Lives here....
S: 18st5lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 3st5lb(18.29%)
Don't ask me why but I'm struggling these past few days. I know the plan is amazing and I need to trust it but my metabolism seems to have ground to a halt.

In the run up to Christmas I could literally do no wrong. Something had changed, some internal switch had flipped that meant I was so on plan that even the odd meal off here and there didn't interrupt the 1 and 2 lbs coming off.

Then along came Christmas. I had Christmas and Boxing Day sensibly off plan as well as a few nibbles whilst away the following weekend. I gained a respectable 2lb. But can I shift it? I am finding it hard to regain my mojo and despite being on plan and doing all the things I did before Christmas I just feel sluggish and bloated still. I know I need to give it time and wait for the magic to happen as we all know it does but I kind of need others to tell me that.

I am eating 1/3 superfree (breakfast is more like 3/4 superfree), having my (weighed) HEXs and having around 8 syns a day. I drink lots of water and green tea (I even tried making an iced version with fresh lemon and mint) and now I am back at work I am on my feet a lot and less prone to sitting on my bottom.

Please feel free to dive in and chastise me for being paranoid/impatient/lazy whatever really :)
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I know it says to have between 5 and 15 syns a day but I NEVER have any less than 15 and am still losing. Maybe 8 is not enough for you and the syns are as much of the plan as anything else.

Anyway you have done amazingly so far but here is a gentle kick x


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S: 9st9lb C: 8st8lb G: 8st5lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 1st1lb(11.11%)
I'm another who always has the full 15 syns a day. I'm now within target range (towards top end at the moment as just back from nearly 3 weeks holidays).

I'm sure if you stick with it you'll get back to where you want to me.

S: 14st10lb C: 14st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 0st10lb(4.85%)
How are you using your spare time?

I found i was spending too much time watching TV and loafing on internet which led to snacking and general laziness. Once i sat down i couldn't be arsed to do anything else. Now I don't chill until after 9 and keep active, go to gym, do jobs round house, prepare meals etc. I found its really helped keeping busy and any cravings have now completely gone - worth a try.
S: 12st12lb C: 11st4lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 28.4 Loss: 1st8lb(12.22%)
Hi LTL, I really wouldn't worry. I think you can spend ages with your weight loss stalled but if you keep trusting the plan (trust the plan!) you will get a sudden 'whoosh' and drop a few pounds all at once. Sometimes your body needs time to settle and readjust to your new weight before you keep on losing. In other words hang on in there missus and keep sticking to plan - your patience will be rewarded!


Lives here....
S: 18st5lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 3st5lb(18.29%)
Thanks guys. I think the point about spare time is valid because being off for two weeks probably hit my metabolism hard. As a teacher I'm on my feet a lot during term time so I suppose my body all of a sudden had a few more calories coupled with more inactivity, even though I kept busy. The syn thing is, again equally valid but I find that I have what I have if I cook it into meals so oils and sauces and the odd bit of dark choc if I fancy it and that's an average of where I end up.Last night for example I had 12 in total. I don't want to eat for the sake of it as that feeds into my psychological block with food of eating other than when hungry (one of the myriad of roots of my weight problem in the first place) not to mention I don't have much in the house other than free and superfree foods so it would literally have to be something sweet and from practice I have learnt that if I have things like that in the evenings for syns more than a couple of times a week it slows the weightloss more than having them as components of a meal. I think its something to do with blood sugar.

I will do as you say and carry on and trust it to pick up now I am running around a lot more at work. Maybe I'll try to have no less than 10 syns too and see how that goes.

Thanks everyone for your input xx
S: 14st10lb C: 14st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 0st10lb(4.85%)
you lost an amazing amount so far, stick with it, nearly there

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