Bummer - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th time lucky?


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Well, I started Lipotrim back in June and lost pretty much 2 stone over a month including my refeed week. I stopped as by this time I was getting a lot of heart burn and wasn't feeling that great at all.
I went on a 2 week holiday at the end of August and put on 7lbs. I shifted this in a week by doing maintenance however... this is where I sit in the naughty corner... over the past couple of months I have not been able to stop eating!! I have tried to go back on the shakes but have been doing well until the evening and having a meal. I am annoyed at myself as I know that I am wasting the shakes and letting myself down. I know the main problems have been:
1) We had a week without heating while we were waiting to get the boiler fixed - I had food as I was freezing to death.
2) I was made redundant from work which I again turned to food.
Now, this is my 6th try to get back onto the diet. I have put on 1 stone over the past 3 months and I really dont want to go any further.Grrrrrrrrrr I am so annoyed at myself.
Sorry for venting at you all but I really need to keep strong and do it this time before Christmas throws things straight out of the window...
How are you all going to handle the Christmas situation?

hmmm better alter my tracker :wave_cry:
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Hi Gunna-make-it, I also find the evenings the biggest struggle, eating isn't always about feeling hungry but the comfort, happiness and comfiness it gives us. The only way I can get through it is day by day and make myself feel proud of what I've achieved that day.
If only there was a magic wand somewhere......!
Good luck .......xx


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Good luck with it hun....i know its not easy...stay strong,you can do this!!! Caz xx


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As everyone else has stated keep going with it, ya have proved before that ya can do it and we are only on the other end of a computer screen to help ya through it. Gud luck and will be thinking about ya, take care

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Try and stay with it,get past ya 1st few days and ule be ok.Ule get that stone off 4 xmas x x:109::47:


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Come on you can do it and you have had some great losses. Good luck.:)


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You still have time to lose at least a stone for xmas, so go for it! :)


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thanks all, makes me feel so much better when I dont feel alone x


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I am nearly finishing my first week, As you have done it before im sure you can do it again. Think positive and your be fine. Nikki

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Yes. You can.
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thanks all, makes me feel so much better when I dont feel alone x

You are not alone! Looks like a lot of people pulling for you, and now there is one more! :)

Go on - dig deep and pull back those feelings that got you started with the diet the very first time - then hold them and focus on them and just commit with steely determination.

GOod luck!! 6th time lucky, ay! :)