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Bunged up :-/

Hey guys n gals :) sorry for the yukky subject but i was just wondering what people use for constipation...what is Atkins friendly? A lot of the laxatives I looked at contain things that end in 'ose' which I know is a type of sugar? Just don't want to take something that will interfere with ketosis but i need to do something! I asked the chemist about Milk of Magnesia and he said it would be fine?? Have been trying to find Milk Thistle because I read that it's ok? Can't find if anywhere though! Cheers for any help x
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milk thistle is for your liver (great for stopping hangovers)
senokot is ok, or have a couple of sugar free sweets or atkins bars it helps me.
Although im having the same problem at the moment so will have wine tonight to make it better :D


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Have you tried flax (linseed) meal? Either as part of a MiM recipe or just some mixed into your food. Thats low carb legal. Also people talk of physillium husks- i think that's in the book so must be legal. A health food shop like holland and barrett will have both. And remember keep glugging the water, that will definately help. Hope you get moving soon


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I would agree with having flax!! Before I knew about MiMs I used Fybogel (only needed one or two)
I also have sugar free colon cleanse from the lowcarbmegastore. It's in various flavours and just like having squash with tiny bits in when mixed with water.
It helps you feel full as well as keeps things going
Same problem - all advice noted. ;)


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Oh I also have a teaspoon of benefibre in a couple of my coffees everyday. It supplements your fibre and it dissolves in any fluid without a trace


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To add to my advice, try an atkins bar. I had one before lunch, just had cramps and a not very plesant trip to the loo. I won't need to poop for a while!

Somepeople say they stall them, but if you only have one in the name of relief should be fine


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Anything from the thorntons diabetic range does it for me. I can handle two truffles or bits of toffee, but anything more than that and its a trip to the loo!


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Any joy yet Nikki?
Hey guys I tried many of the above to little avail :( so last resort were a couple of dulcolax perles my Mum gave me and the very next day I'm right as rain :) have gotten myself a packet of daily Aloe Vera colon cleanse which are supposed to be kind to ur system and keep everything regular....I'll let u know how I get on with them! X


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I have now tested the atkin bars and can confirm they work for me! ;)
atkins bars do nothing for me,apart from
perhaps spark a binge:eek:
physillium(sp) husks i find are great,
it does reccomend to drink plenty of water when you take them,i also find the more butter i cook with the quicker things seem to exit stage left. :D

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