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Burning throat/reflux?

Anyone suffering from a burning sensation in their throat?
It is like reflux but higher up just below where a mans adams apple would be. It is not dreadful but definately unpleasant and just wondered if anyone has had this while SSing and any clues how to make it better - don't want to risk an over the counter remedy for heartburn in case it knocks me out of ketosis (which I think I am in judging by the breath on day 3)

Please help
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hi CC

since starting LL I have suffered on and off with indigestion/ heartburn.:( I think it's very common and some people attribute it to drinking lots of water!
Whatever the reason the best remedy is Gaviscon as this will not knock you out of ketosis.:)
Hope this helps.
I have always suffered with acid reflux (it seems to run in the family) and was surprized that the SSing didn't stop it. It seems worse for me if I "cook" a pack (muffin or crisps). But Gaviscon definitely works and my LLC checked - it doesn't effect your weight loss.
You guys are great - I will get some Gaviscon tonight and deal with it. I think it may be the water too - but so long as there is a remedy when it gets really bad its not a problem - the water comes first.

Thanks for the replies.


somebody shrink me
I also get bad reflux, and despite acid suppressants from the doc, it gets really bad occasionally on SS.

I find the bars definitely aggrivate it.

Gaviscon cool are hunkydory on SS though.
Hope this helps! x
I have ccasional refux now & notced that ts often when there has been a big gap between pack or bar! I had a very odd sensatoin week 1...very herad to describe as now gone but almost felt that I constantly needed to clear my throat - like I had phlegm there...HTH?
ISOM - I find most of the soups very thick despite mixing them with more water than recommended and I also get that weird feeling in my throat that stays for ages. Sometimes it happens with the shakes too but not as much. I think it's the guar gum in the packs which help us feel full but not entirely sure.

As for the acid reflux, I wonder if it could be the milky consistency of the packs? Thankfully I haven't had that!
Some packs can cause this with me the its the Spicy Tomato.

Just a thought you aren't chewing gum are you - this can cause acid to build in the stomach.

Gaviscon and Rennies are fine to use.


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