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But how does it work?

I'm just wondering how does sf work? I know the science behind pro points but how about this plan? Is it because generally you aren't eating much processed food or is it because you are eating foods that keep you full so you eat less?

I'm only asking because out of interest I've pointed what I've eaten and I'm a couple of points over my 29 points the last couple of days. However I don't know why as I'm not making my portions any bigger really.

I'm not worried, just curious. Xxx
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Well I think it's cause your eating natural more filling foods but the key is to eat till satisfied xx will be interesting to see what your loss is thus week ...I think you'll find that some says you'll eat more of your 29 and some days perhaps a few less .. Kickstarts your body x
Both of you make good points there. I didn't even think about how little fat I was consuming, just the sugary, processed stuff! I deffo know I'm eating better than on propoints as I'm not saving points for ww bars or puddings.

Bit excited/ bit worried about weigh in but think that's cos my weight losses have been all over the shop lately!

I'm not craving sugary snacks or stuff either, although I am missing my fat free vanilla activia! Putting vanilla extract in natural yogurt is not the same!

My real test will be next week when I'm back at work! Xx


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Nomes said:
I also think its the fact that's there's very little fat if any at all on the list x
Good point! I didn't think of that as I too was thinking about how we actually lose weight.

I can honestly say, I don't feel as hungry as I did on PP. I'm really enjoying it :)
Yeah beck all my cravings have gone now too also day 4 for me :):) you'll be fine at work Hun I'm sure lots of options for you ...do you take your lunch or eat out ???

I've asked you on another thread when your wi day is but I'll ask you on here too lol x
I eat in at work. I only get 1/2hr lunch and so it's always quite rushed. I'm quite good at preparing lunches the night before but I eat earlier at work than when I'm off so worried bout feeling hungry when I get in. I don't tend to eat til quite late on an evening. I think I'll have to have a banana ready for after work!

Oh another question, I am missing an options on an evening, do you think I could make a cup of hot milk instead? Would I have to count it as its outside of my main meals?

Oh and I replied on other thread but wi is Monday. I don't have scales in the house so can't do sneaky weigh ins! I'd never be off them! Xx
Yeah keep chopped up fruit or a banana handy and you'll be fine xx I always have a milky coffee before bed but if you want an options it's only 1pp out of your weeklies anyway so that's only 7 a week anyway x

I emailed ww and you don't have to stick to 3 meals a day if hungry then you can eat any free food but obviously listen to your body you can't eat all day even if it's free !!!!!!

Good luck for Monday xx
Ah that's good to know, I read somewhere if it wasn't one of yr meals you had to count it!

I've been fine hungerwise this week except at bedtime I've felt quite hungry. Thought a hot milk might help. Xx
Yeah that's why I emailed them to double check coz I'd heard it somewhere but I
Think that was the old core plan not this one xxx

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