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Butterflies....... Completely off topic but help needed...

ok, is it an internal or external door?
The caterpillar stage is like a 2 week eating binge, they really do nothing but eat and shed their skins rapidly as they grow and grow. The sense the "time" and find what they think is a safe place to hang... they need to hang to develop properly. The skin comes off to reveal the cocoon underneath. This will remain for 2 weeks, until the butterfly emerges. If it is hanging in a place you can safely leave it then please do not disturb it.
Obviously if the dopey thing has decided to hang itself in the middle of a frame that will compromise your house security, then the only thing I can suggest it to take a very thin sharp knife, and try to cut it off as close to the door frame as you possibly can, right up by the paint.. then take it to a branch and fix it on with tape if possible. Many species need to emerge from a hanging position to be able to dry their wings. When you prise it off you will notice a "stem" from which it hangs, like a banana, you could also use that to pin it to a branch.
Sorry, how do you know it is trying to hatch? they will give a little shake every now and then.
If it is an external door and is new to that place it wont be hatching as it will be 2 weeks. hope all this helps.
OMG... you are a butterfly genius.... yes thats why i think its trying to hatch... it keeps shaking... i dont want to touch it, ctreatures freak me out. Im working a 14 hour shift tomorrow so if it comes out whilst im working it will be in my house.... my back door goes straight off my living room and its hung in that door frame, not in the way to shut the door... oh dear... how long do they live??
Not that long sadly. Depends on the species I believe. leave it alone if poss, on the nearest flat surface get a small saucer and if you have one break open a satsuma, so the fleshy segments are all open and juicy... the butterfly will land and be able to drink. For the first day they will be very slow. If you happen to see it hatch it is one of the most amazing things you will ever see. I have seen it several times, and it is incredible. They will need several hours to fill their wings with blood, they are very fragile and delicate at this time. THEN they will want a drink! If you have no satsuma, place a spoon of sugar in approx half a tea cup of water, dissolve and soak a cotton wool ball or tissue with it and place it on the saucer instead. Close all other doors, and if it is in your room when you open outside doors it will head out eventually. the smell of flowers i bet will entice it.
Oh and if there are loud noises it will shake, they do this to scare away predators (not sure how scary this actually is! LOL). They will shake all through the two week period on and off, so i reckon your friend will be with you for a bit if you think it is new to the frame.
yeah i noticed it shaking when i locked the back door after letting the dog in... perhaps that scared it. i think its been there about a week so perhaps its not quite ready to come out just yet.
thank you very much... lets just hope it hatches whilst im home.
No problem, if you need to know anything else give me a shout. I am a teacher and every year I order 5 caterpillars for our butterfly garden, we watch them grow, change, emerge and then we release them. They are fascinating creatures. If it emerges on a cold day it might not fly away straight away. I had one on my finger the one day, walked around with it for 10 min, stuck it on a flower and left it for 2 hours, in the end i had to get it back in and release it the next sunny day. lol
They are fussy things.
i just read something that said the chrysilis will turn clear when they are ready to come out... is that right??
I have not noticed that
I do think they go a bit darker, well the variety we get start off a real metallic bronze colour, then they get a bit darker, and maybe a smidge like dark transparent. Just when they start emerging. Thee might be a drop or two of blood like substance but don't be alarmed by this.
I take it the little fella is still there then?
Hiya!! yup its still hanging there... no sign of emerging yet!! been at work all day and expected it to have gone when i got in and id have to play hunt the butterfly but nope... still hanging:)


Is it true of you try to help them out the cocoon you kill them?

Or its that one of these mythical motivational things?
They should not need helping out at all, I would imagine the stress of someone trying to get it out would kill it to be honest. They really need to take their time to emerge.
really interesting thread......I do hope it will be ok xxx
Finding this fascinating :) Tinka thanks for the info :)

cheeky-hope you are home when it emerges then you can take pics :)
Cheeky hows your little friend? x
Can you take some pics for us? Shame you haven't got a webcam set up on it! x
well my little friend is still in his/hers house!! it must be about time to come out tho! ill try and get some pics when it finally emerges :)
Two weeks coccoon time, depends how long he has been there. LOL
Might be with you another 10 days yet. Or.. if you just didn't notice it before he might be about to POP! lol

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