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Butternut Squash, mmm!

Lisa D

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My friend popped over today and brought her lunch of homemade butternut squash soup with her (she is on WW), I tried a bit and it was absolutely delish and totally syn free.

Chopped butternut squash, 2 chopped onions, grilled until brown, then popped in a saucepan of chicken stock (chicken bovril) to boil for a while (can't remember how long), then blitz in a blender with a dash of water and hot curry powder.

That lasts her about a week, it was very yummy and warming, a good idea if you're fancying something and its made up in the fridge. Also sometimes she uses what she has and adds it to some chicken to make a kind of curry.

Just thought i'd share with you all!
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I'm a new comer to butternut squash and i'm now a big fan so this sounds great.

Thanks for sharing :D
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Hi, I love butternut squash too, but sweet. I boil it and after this bake it choped in mix of milk, eggs, vanila and sweetener. I can eat it all the time incl for breakfast.
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I amke that soup alt, though put chinese 5 spice in instead. LOvely. Sometimes thin, sometimes almost pureed.

would it go with lentils? ive never had butternut squash before
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i think it would go well with lenitls ( somewhere in the back of my mind there is bns and lentil curry on the recipe thread but i may be confused)

I make a similar soup with BNS,carrots,onion and some of those long pointy sweet red peppers and just a hint of chilli-its lovely

they are also nice roasted in a veg mix-onions,cherry toms,etc
would it go with lentils? ive never had butternut squash before
It goes with just about anything! A little bit of chilli is good - not too much or you will swamp the flavour.

There is a Nigella Lawson recipe here:
which looks nice and easy. (You would have to check the buttermilk for syns, though.)

There's another one:
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Roast squash and sweet potato soup with buttermilk blue cheese swirl | Mail Online

but you would have to do some serious editing to make that SW friendly!

Another thing you can do - cut a smallish butternut squash in half lengthways, scoop out the seeds, spray a flattish oven dish with frylight, but the squash cut side down on the dish and bake in a hottish oven until soft. Lift out of the dish carefully and put it cut side up on a plate.

Eat with a spoon, salt and plenty of black pepper, some grated cheese (and I would be prepared to use up some syns on some butter for this!).
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I use butternut squash or swede as a potato substitute on a red day or just cause I love on green. My particular favourite at the mo is sprout and bns risotto:

parboil sprouts and bns for a few mins
cook 2 onions and 3 garlic cloves in a few squirts frylight
add 8 oz rice and stir over fairly low heat for about a minute
add a little of the stock (made from 2x chicken oxo and about a pint or so of hot water)
Add approx 1 tbs ground turmeric, 1tsp ground coriander and 2 tsp paprika and a little black pepper
Add vegetables
Keep stirring while adding stock a little at a time until rice is cooked. Serve immediatley

I have been using arborio rice but am going to try longgrain rice next time as it is a lot cheaper and apparently works ok. I usually also add a couple of shakes of soy sauce to bring out the flavours. My OH loves it and the recipe is enough for 2 really good portions, depending how much veg you put in
Hello..I can recommend BNS chips :flirt2:..very very nice, i also made some BNS muffins at christmas and BNS chutney in the late summer..i even grew some too last year..ha ha can you tell i LOVE BNS...:):D:)

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