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Buying clothes before you have lost weight


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I don't think that if I bought a size 10 dress now it would be such a good idea (though that's the size I ultimately aim for), but I do have a load of old clothes ranging from 14-18 that I want to get back into, so they are a good incentive! I would never buy something more than 1 dress size too small - it's too depressing to look at it and think "I'll never be that thin" otherwise!
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No, I tend not to - not "goal" clothes anyway. I don't know what shape/size I'll be when I get to my goal, plus I never know what my taste will be when I get to goal.

I will buy clothes in a size smaller if they're good value. I bought a pair of trousers from Debenhams in a size too small as they were reduced from over £40 to £9. They didn't fit at the time (around 2 months ago) but they fit me now :D. I also have a pair of work trousers that I bought (reduced to £6 :D) that don't fit me now, but another half a stone off and they probably will.

I bought a suit the other day - the size 16 jacket fit me perfectly, the 14 was slightly too snug but I bought the 14 as it'll probably take me about 2 months to get around to wearing it :D.
I do this ALL the time! I have lots of clothes in size 12 that are for when I'm 'at target'. I've got about 2 whole wardrobes full of clothes like this. I try to resist buying them, but I tell myself I'll still love them when I'm slim and that I need them, so I cave in and buy!
I am exactly the same! I have been doing it for 2 years now :(, but never sticking to my new eating plan long enough to get down small enough to fit in them. I have TOO many brand new clothes bought in size 12's or 14's but I'm a size 20/22 argh :rolleyes:


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I like to have something a size smaller to aim for. I just got into my size 16 jeans which I couldnt even pull up a few months ago. Helps me to realise I am changing my shape :)
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I've just done this... lol. Bought a bunch of cheap tops from Ebay (as I already have smaller sized jeans & my tum is normally the first to go) in a size 14 (I'm a 16 now) but last summer I bought a coat, size 14 and it fits me already now :D Last year I couldn't even do it up & felt very tight, but once I fit in the 14 tops I'll probably do it until I'm a 12/10 (I've got boobs that aren't budging!)
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I have a few things I bought when I got to a 14 but then put the weight back on. I kept hold of them and now I use them to keep me going if I'm having a bad day and look at them to remind me to stay on track Mao I can wear it again.
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I've bought a French connection dress for my friends wedding in May lol
I buy 'skinny' clothes all the time. I'm terrible for it, I'll be happy when I'm a 14. Ecstatic if I get too a 12

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CatherineBee said:
I buy clothes i like in a smaller size as an incentive and it seems to work well. I get such a sense of achievement when the zip finally goes up on a pair of jeans in a smaller size (bonus if you can breathe too)

My current aim is to get in a size 14 bridesmaid dress by Nov 5th. I'm a 16/18 at the mo. Eek!
Same here, am currently 16/18 and wanna be a 14 by May

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I bought a skirt in size 20 yesterday (im an 18 but have to get a 20 in primark) i'm thinking about exchanging it this week for a size 14. I don't see the point of keeping it in a size 20 as it won't fit me for very long. Its stretchy so if I swap it for the size 14, it should even fit me when i'm a small size 16. I'm going to hang it up in my room so it motivates me every day :)
I really try not to buy things before I lose the weight for it. I feel like I'd just end up feeling worse if I didn't lose the weight, like I'd wasted money on top on not losing the weight.


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I keep seeing really nice clothes lately and think if I buy them in a couple of sizes down (more realistic) than perhaps the ultimate goal it'll push me and more often than not you'd have to have the 'in between' clothes anyway, if that makes any sense at all. :p
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I'm tempted to buy some Gap jeans in a 28in waist. I'm 30in at the moment but they were slightly too big when I tried them on. Don't know if I'm kidding myself though that my hips and thighs will be thin enough for a 28in at any point!

Emma x


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I know this is an old thread, but I have to post a reply!

My question is, has anyone bought something in the dress size they want to be as motivation to get down to that size? Is it a waste of money just in case? I found a dress that I love!
Yes! A long time ago I bought this BEAUTIFUL dress at a discount store. It is a Jones New York dress (summer) and its the most beautiful shade of green I have ever seen. (I love wearing the colors green and pink!) The cut of the dress is just so flirty and girly and pretty. Sadly, though, I just never lost enough weight to get into it. I was probably 30 pounds away from fitting into it. And then... then I just gained a LOT MORE weight, so I can't even put it over my head at this point... lol!

But, yeah... to fit into that dress would mean a lot. I refused to donate it to Good Will because I just am so enamored by it. Hopefully I'll get to the point where it fits me, and then hopefully I'll get to the point where it doesn't fit me because it's too loose! (It's a size US14 I think.)


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I have some stuff on way in post in a size 12 that I spotted in online sales to try and keep me motivated. Last time I lost all my weight and was close to target I was a 10/12 and I am determined to get there again as I have a couple of bin liners full of barely worn clothes in 10/12 ready to wear again!


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I have a whole other wardrobe of clothes to come down in, but mostly they are staggered sizes. There's trousers and skirts that are just a size under what I normally am going down to a 20. There's also tops like the same, basically to oil the wheels. Nothing is under a 20 though :) I haven't thought that far (and I'd likely need a breast reduction before a change of tops will fit me!)


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I am not keen in buying clothes in the size I am at the moment, I tend to live in leggings and shirts at the mo.


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After losing my first stone I just could not see the loss anywhere myself (sounds crazy but it's true!). I have since lost another 4lbs and have noticed some jeans and trousers are baggy on me now, I had planned on just continuing to wear my clothes and treat myself when I had hit target.. I had some clothes put away that used to fit me before I gained again which are size 12. I haven't looked at them in 4 years. I decided the other day after noticing my 14 jeans were baggy to try on my old clothes and I swear I was so so shocked to find they fit me! It has 100% spurred me on to continue losing and get rid of this last stone once and for all, and now I have some summer dresses hanging in my room which are a size 10 and they're my next goal :) IMHO, it can be one of the best motivators but I wouldn't buy a complete new wardrobe, just a nice dress or two from Primark lol :)

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