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Buying clothes before you have lost weight


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I bought a magazine the other day and it had a booklet for this new website that sold clothes. I looked through it and loved so much but I have stopped myself from buying anything as (hopefully!) they will end up too big for me as I lose weight.

My question is, has anyone bought something in the dress size they want to be as motivation to get down to that size? Is it a waste of money just in case? I found a dress that I love! I know that I wouldn't look good in it at the moment but think that I would once I lose the weight I need to.

I don't know what to do! I'm nearly one size down (I tried on a pair of jeans one size down and they nearly fit me!) but ideally need to get another 3/4 sizes down.
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I do this ALL the time! I have lots of clothes in size 12 that are for when I'm 'at target'. I've got about 2 whole wardrobes full of clothes like this. I try to resist buying them, but I tell myself I'll still love them when I'm slim and that I need them, so I cave in and buy!


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Yes I do this, I've had to stop myself though as the "clothes that don't fit me" collection is as big as my clothes that do fit me collection!

I did however buy a red and white polka dot bikini in the next sale for £5, it's a size 18, I'm a 30/32 but it's something to aim for!! Most of my don't fit me clothes are no smaller than a 26 or 28 x


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In the main I don't think it's a good idea - better to buy clothes that make you feel good now. I find that my tastes change and also you still have to consider what suits you when you try something on - it's about shape as well as size ;)

That said - there's always an exception to every rule and there is always something that little bit special with which resistance is futile :D


Ps I am a complete hyprocite as I too have a skinny wardrobe with the tags still on

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I never know my size anymore due to the shops seemingly making everything so much smaller than they used to be. I have size 12 clothes from about 6-7 years back (which are still fashionable now!) which actually fit me but no way can I get into most 12's out there now, they are tiny.
I am into a 14 mostly now, but I can get into some 12's (like from Next for example) It just depends which company makes them.

But I have a whole wardrobe FULL of clothes that used to fit me and they are size 10 - I MUST get back into them again as they are gorgeous and also cost me a fortune - although I did buy them when I was that size.

I bought 2 dresses lately which I can get into but the zips don't do all the way up but they were so nice I wanted them anyway. My aim is to get into those comfortably. Also my size 14 jeans which I mention in my sig are Jane Norman skinny jeans and so are pretty small fitting but I can get them up now and do them up (which I couldn't before!) but I have a muffin top in them. Also bought some size 14 shorts which are tight.

And with that, I'll shut up cos I've written an essay and gone totally off topic!! :p


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i do this, i bought alot of pretty size 6's and i want them to fit me! currently an 8/10, but i want tot fit these or have them big on me! i occasionally have to weara childs size 12/13 too,


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All the time. I have almost a whole wardrobe full of clothes that are a size or couple of sizes down. I am determined to get into them.
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I have a "used to fit me" section of my wardrobe.
A "bought for when i have lost the weight" section of my wardrobe.
And a bit that fits me now.

Honestly i think i have about 15 pairs of jeans that i have bought in various Next sales in anticipation of losing weight....

I do actually have a pair of jeans and a top that i have that i am working towards :)


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i dont do this basically cause i cant afford to lol, but i would love to get to a size 14 id be pretty happy with that.
clothes sizing is a joke it varies so widely from company to company

Kimmy x

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I buy clothes that are smaller all the time. It's great when you can fit into them, but it can also really annoy you when they dont lol x


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seen a gorgous dress, i really want it. but i want it in a 6.... it wont fit me yet, its one of them skin tight body con type dresses, but its so pretty. i need it. i want it. i want to be a 6 in it.


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I have a whole range of sizes in my wardrobe but I am really looking forward to giving all my largerst clothes to a charity shop when they are too big.


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I have a pair of leather style skinny pants that I bought in the asos sale for like 4quid in a size 10 and I do use them as a gauge. I bought them back in 2009 and a colleague made a snarky remark that even *she* couldn't fit in a size 10. They zip up now but are uncomfortable to wear, so they're my clothing goal for the moment :) Generally, I'm very reluctant to buy clothes in advance - buying clothes is a nightmare for me anyway as I'm really short, plus, you don't know where the weight will go from - for example, my sister is very slim, but never loses weight from her hips so would never be smaller than an 8-10 there without making herself poorly.


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S: 15st0lb C: 11st7lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 3st7lb(23.33%)
I have a whole range of sizes in my wardrobe but I am really looking forward to giving all my largerst clothes to a charity shop when they are too big.
I did this last week! But don't make the same mistake I did - make sure you keep one pair of fat pants for when you've hit goal and can see how big a change you've made :D Luckily I did keep one dress that I have my *fat photo* of me in.


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I've bought a size 12 dress that I want to get into for my holiday!


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I still have a suitcase of my favourite clothes that are too small. I hang onto them for 'when I can fit into them'.

I think I should throw them out though or give them to a charity shop because I think if I do it this time then I deserve a new wardrobe not the old one.
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I buy clothes i like in a smaller size as an incentive and it seems to work well. I get such a sense of achievement when the zip finally goes up on a pair of jeans in a smaller size (bonus if you can breathe too)

My current aim is to get in a size 14 bridesmaid dress by Nov 5th. I'm a 16/18 at the mo. Eek!

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