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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by skinikki, 22 June 2008 Social URL.

  1. skinikki

    skinikki Silver Member

    I have told myself I am not going to buy any new clothes until I get to my target...hopefully by November (the big birthday!) I am just going to wear a belt! Can already pull my trousers down without undoing them! My friend said I will look like the little kid in the film Big at the end when he is wearing his fathers suit!.....Hope so. Has anyone else left it that long before going shopping or do you think there will have to be an interim purchase?:)
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  3. goolian

    goolian Fab & Fit For Florida

    that's my philosophy too chick, my birthday 5th Nov when I wanna be at target... saw loads of Julien MacDonald clothes I want... and that is when I will shop!!!

    only thing I am buying now (cos I've got no option) is dress for cousins wedding (and guess what? it's a Julien MacDonald lol)
  4. skinikki

    skinikki Silver Member

    Hey, we've got the same amount to loose! My Birthday Nov 23 but would really like to be at target end of Oct so I can start on some real food before the big day!:) Plan to do SS all the way with an AAMW on wk 13. On wk 5 at the mo.:)
  5. goolian

    goolian Fab & Fit For Florida

    i'm on week 5 too!

    start week 6 on tuesday (i'm a tuesday night weigher)

    had an aamw this week and feel good for it, feel i have gave my metabolism a bit of a kick...
  6. JaxieD

    JaxieD Silver Member

    Thought i would do the same and just get by with my old clothes - unfortunately (or not;) rather) these clothes really do look a sight and are hanging off me:D - I had no choice but to buy the odd thing to tide me over - didn't want to go around like a bag lady!!:p
  7. skinikki

    skinikki Silver Member

    Have been on ss all the way. Start wk 6 on Fri. Good luck for Tues let me know how you get on.:)
  8. goolian

    goolian Fab & Fit For Florida

    yeah ss all the way, had aamw this week just to see how it would go...

    but don't think i will do aamw again at week 10... especially if i am going to this wedding in July... will hopefully stay on track, but we have to go for meals and stuff... will try and be good... don't think i am gonna drink at this wedding tho
  9. rolo

    rolo Full Member

    I kept all my clothes as I got bigger. I've got 14's and 12's to slim into and then when I hopefully get to a 10 I will have a big shopping spree. The clothes aren't bad either as most of the weight went on after my dad died 2 years ago when I started drinking too much and comfort eating.

    Roz x
  10. silvercb67

    silvercb67 Full Member

    I never have more than 2 pairs of jeans in my current size. I always go out and buy 1 pair of the next size down for inspiration.
  11. slaterslady

    slaterslady Silver Member

    wow thats a fab idea about the jeans I think im gonna do that:) Im in that in between stage can get into an 18 but depends which shop i try them on in - but size 20 is miles to big, hopefully Ill be able to get 18s properly by the end of this week. :)

    But im gonna live my big shopping spree until Im a size 10 too xx
  12. skinikki

    skinikki Silver Member

    Dont actually know what size I will go down to. Cant remember being anything under a 16! Am 18/20 at the mo so under a 16 and I will be over the moon!:)
  13. Camille

    Camille Silver Member

    I've been buying off Ebay then putting them back on when they get too big so most of the stuff hasn't cost me anything!! Can't wait to go holiday shoping in August xx

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