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Hi all still 100% thank god and feeling great, however today I ended up having a shake this morning at about 9am and by no fault of my own I had nothing to eat until 5pm tonight. I really fancied a Porridge ! I was just getting it ready then I thought I will struggle to get 4 portions of CD in today with 3 still left at 5pm, so I had a brain wave and I'm not sure if you can do this or not but I made a Porridge and then sliced a Peanut Crunch bar into it ? the results were nothing but stunning all washed down with 2 pints of water .

It was very nice but can you do that ? 2 at once ? I wouldnt intend to do it all the time it just worked out that way today.

Looking forward to this Fridays weigh in which should be well over a stone all being well in two week


NLM ;)
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Hiya i dont see why u couldnt do that. They say have 4 over a day and in effect thats what your doing. Glad you enjoyed it. U men r so lucky getting 4 packs a day lol


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I have had a soup at lunch followed by a bar a couple of times last week:D with no ill effects!

Glad that I am on ss+ so can have 4 packs, I always need something in the evening:eek: and this solves it!

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sounds good! :) Glad you managed to stick to plan :)


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oh my god that sounds like heaven. im not having bars at the moment but i do love them.. just have a hard time dealin with the fact i can only have one! they are GORGEOUS


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Well done you, and sounds lovely... I often leave at least 2 of my packs till later on and have them near enough together, hasn't altered my weight loss yet...



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Shouldnt make any diff as long as you have correct amount during the day- It is the total vitamins cals etc that count not what time you take them
As you will be in ketosis and drinking plenty you wont be hungry hence the quandry
I oftem get to 8pm and realise ive still got to get 2 shakes down before bed
Dont risk having less than the correct amonut as this will affect nutrients vitamins etc
Good luck

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Loves weight.. training!
S: 13st5.5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.47%)
One thing I loved last time was the tetra packs frozen.. as a block of ice-cream! lol gotta let it thaw a little but I'm a pudding girl so nothing better than a chocolate tetra 'ice-cream'! ;)
A good way of getting a pack in.. also chopping bars up to be small treats rather than chomping a whole bar..
Not sure if I read these tips here last time I was around or not ;)