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The new atkins book says caffeine can hapl with weight. Don't know about the squash though, sorry
ive not stopped drinking coffee, i take it black with 1 splenda sweetener (or 1 sugar at work)...and my losses have been great

(tbh i couldnt deal with the withdrawal headaches!)
Thanks for that :)

What about milk - should it be semi-skimmed. Are we supposed to take milk? I know there's carbs in it...

So what's the deal with cream??


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Best to drink it black if you like it like that, if not try it with cream. Cream has a lot less carbs than milk, plus milk isnt induction friendly.
Boy - I'm gonna learn a lot! I got some MacB (Still flavoured water) it has no carbs at all - but does have citric acid? Should I still drink them and wait then and see how my weigh in goes? I would be gutted to undo my first week...
habve you been drinking the MACb (i have no idea what that is haha) through last week...if so then i wouldnt have though it could be an issue...when you start to slow down weight loss...take a look at reducing it then..

for me, diet redbull stalls me, but fizzy asda lemon and lime doesnt

its trial and error hun x
Hmmm - no. I looked for it when I was in Tesco! I have had one bottle. They were only 36p! I'll leave them for now... I think they must be Scottish? I'm just worried now I'm eating stuff that I'll put the little weight I've lost stright back on. I guess if that happens I know I have to go back onto no food?


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I don't think you necessarily have to go back to no food as you'll have to eat one day eventually anyway but everyone has their own way of doing things. If you did gain a little bit it would easily fall off over the following weeks when your body adjusts :) Good luck x

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