Calculating Body Fat %age


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Hi guys .... don't know if anyone is interested in this, but I have been told that the "best" measure of your health weight-wise is to have an idea of your Body Fat %age rather than your BMI.

Well, based on a calculation in Patrick Holfords book "The Holford Low-GL Diet", I have created a simple spreadsheet that you need to enter only your weight (to the nearest pound), your waist measurement (to the nearest 1/2 inch), and whether you are Male/Female, and it will estimate your Lean Body Weight, Body Fat Weight, and Body Fat %age.

Not sure how accurate it is at all times, but I have just entered my details and based on the last reading that the machine at the gym gave me, it got mine to within 0.5%, which is good enough for me as an estimate. Anyway, it is in the attached ZIP if anyone is interested.



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