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I will do this!!!
Im getting so confused about my calculations. Iv lost 18.5lbs but my ticker says iv lost 21lbs!!!!

The nurse has written down.....
17st 9lb = 112kgs
16st 13lb = 107.5kgs
16st 6lb = 104.3kgs
16st 4.5lbs = 102.5kgs Is this right coz my ticker says its not?!?!?!
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My calculations bring it out at 16st 1.9lb hun...

This would mean you've lost 21lb and I used both an online kg to lb converter and the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that got posted a while back.

Your pharmacist is wrong.

Saying that, my pharmacist is often wrong so I just smile and nod when they tell me what I've lost and then go home and work it out myself as I know it's right then... xx
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I will do this!!!
So the scales said i was 16st 4.5lbs today whats that in lbs??
Ignore this, was trying to post something but it went all squiffy
102.5kg = 16st 1.9lb
what setting are your pharmacists scales set to?
Metric (kilos) or Imperial (stones/pounds)?

1 stone = 14 pounds

If 102.5 kilos is what was measured, the conversion to stones is as follows:
102.5 kilos = 226 pounds
224 pounds = 16 stone exactly
so, 226 pounds = 16st2

or, the other way around (if 16st4.5lb was measured on scales)...
16st4.5pounds = 224+4.5 = 228.5 pounds
228.5 pounds = 103.6 kilos

hope that helps.

good converter is: Weight Converter
If you type '102.5 kgs in stones' into google it converts it into stones for you.... 16st 1lbs
As everyone has said, it depends whether your chemist measures in kg or stone and lb.

102.5kg is 16st 1.5lb (I use 1kg=2.2lb)
16st 4.5lb is 229.5lb which is 104.32kg

Hope that helps.

Hi I use the Weightloss resources convertor, that slimj posted earlier, stick it on your favourites then you can convert what the chemist has told you.

keep up the good work


I will do this!!!
So basically from now on i should ignore the nurses kg calculations???


I will do this!!!
I keep doing my ticker with the number you guys have said and it says iv lost 21lbs when i havent iv lost 18.5lbs ahhhh!!!!!


I will do this!!!
Ok i think im going to stick with the excel program and ignore what the nurse writes down!!
Hun I just worked it out again and if your start weight was 112kg and your last WI was 102.5kg you have lost 21lb, not 18.5


I will do this!!!
We weigh me in stones then she converts it in kgs. So i have only lost 18.5lbs
If it's causing all of this confusion just ask her to change the scales to lbs instead.


I will do this!!!
The scales aren't electric their just bog standard its the computer at the docs that converts the weight thats confusing me. I'll just stick to stones and lbs then use the excel program
Fair enough
Pizzle I'd stick to stones and pounds if I were you and ignore the kgs. My chemist weighs me in kgs on digital scales and converts (badly) to stone. I just wait till I get home and do it myself. I'm very sad and have set up a spreadsheet to do the conversion for me.

18.5lbs is bally good in 3 weeks! Well done.


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