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California is on fire

I don't know if anyone has caught this on or in the news, but California is going up in flames.

There are hundreds of fires set off by unusual dry LIghtening Strikes. Lots of lightening, lots of thunder, no rain and plenty of wind.

California becomes dry grass in the summer. Everywhere. Its not like here where it stays green. Its basically rolling hills of petrol. Not to mention the forests.

My town that i was from is right in the midst of the worst hit county. It has just been declared an emergency. People are getting sick from the smoke...you cannot see the sky....you cannot see the sun, but if you catch a glimpse, its red red red.

Three of my nearest and dearest, and those we were just with a couple of weeks ago, are in jeapordy. The county is running out of resources, and if more strickes set off today - as expected - they will not have enough crews to fight all fires. The wind is preventing them from containing them.

Its making me very sad. Its such a beautiful area, and its now becomming a charred mess.

I get very upset with fire - and worry a lot. Last year, I lost a lifelong friend and her mother to a fire, which is an unbelievably tragic and traumatic thing to live with - knowing someone you have loved your whole life has suffered horrendously. :( So I am a bit tender when it comes to this.

I am not a praying person, but I am hoping and wishing for it to end.

Please spare a thought, and send good vibes out to the universe, or anyone that will listen, to look after my friends.


I knew there were fires, but usually they are always down south, in the canyons. This is the first time my area has endured something like this. Its kind of scary.
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Oh My God. i'm off to find out more as we know people over there too. Thinking of you and all your family and friends xxxx
Of course Sarette - I forgot about that. Where your friends are will no doubt be socked in with the smoke as well. I hope they are OK too.

Palo ALto and Mt. View should be safe enough, but they will no doubt be bothered by the smoke from the fires in the Santa Cruz mountains.

:( thinking of all the wildlife in all the woods. ach. Its dreadful.

xx :(


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Just found some more info and yes, just smoke at the moment in those areas. Looks bad though, poor wildlife :( 42 sq miles of the Los Padres national forest is badly charred :(

California is such a beautiful place, hoping to go over in October.
Just found some more info and yes, just smoke at the moment in those areas. Looks bad though, poor wildlife :( 42 sq miles of the Los Padres national forest is badly charred :(California is such a beautiful place, hoping to go over in October.
THere are hundreds of square miles around the state. At last count I believe there are over 800 fires of substantial proportions, most nowhere near being contained. Fortunately there has not been too much in the way of loss of lives or homes in many of the areas as they tend to be more remote woodland areas.

My friends in Mendocino County live in the middle of 15 acresof dry grass and trees - and private wells. There are no fire hydrants out there! They are who I worry about most at the moment.

I am also worried about the air quality and my mom, but blasted NTL, we still do not have phone service so I can't even call her. AM going to email someone to let me know how she is getting on.

Thanks Sarette and Kitteh.

Fingers crossed, ay?
Thanks TG. Everything is pretty much the same.....still burning.

Here are some pics....

Here is an aerial over the hills....

This is taken about 45 minutes from where we were. Some may remember the photosw I posted of our property - this is not far away. Far enough away our land is safe, but not far. :(

Here is a map of current activity in the southern part of the state.

ANd welcome to Los Angeles. For once its not smog blocking the view. I hate LA - but this is horrible. I really feel for the people there - breathing must be a nightmare.

Its a mess. They are reporting people in my county are continuing to get ill, and developing chrinic coughing from the poor air quality.

I hope my mom is OK. :( I have no phone. I emailed a friend yesterday and asked her to look in on her, but have not heard anything back.

California is in a drought, which does not help. The county is already out of resources, and more lightening expected. They are saying if more fires develop, noone will be able to fight them.

The Governator (Arnie Schwarzenegar) has declared it an emergency, so hopefully they will get help from other sources.


Thanks for asking TG.


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Hope all your dearest are ok my thoughts are with you
Thanks RC.

Pretty sure everyone I know is OK now, sparing any new strikes - there would be two families I would worry about, so hoping for either rain or no storms!!

It's just so sad, knowing the areas that are burning....they are beautiful redwood forests in my area and I just foundout we lost a magical place called Montgomery Woods. The tallest tree in the world lived there. By the sounds of it, she's gone. It was an amazing tree.

Fair enough we don't have castles and old buildings in America - but what we got is trees over 2000 years old and they are magnificant!

I know the forest will re-grow - but its a devestating loss for us.

Thanks again everyone.


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Give me a tree over a castle any day!

I really hope that it starts to improve soon.

I imagine there will be help from neighbouring states, it's such an important place for the whole country isn't it? What with tourists and LA, it must generate huge revenue.

I'm keeping everything crossed that the devastation is kept to a minimum (as far as possible) :(
Thanks TG and Twinny. Well TG, I adore castles - they are amazing - but I and a real nature gal, and love my trees. I am not a tree-hugger, per se, but I'd rather see the forest then a mall any day of the week! I miss my forest!!! I love trees too. Very much.

Well, the governer has asked Bush now for federal aid. Will have to see how it progresses.

Keeping all things crossed here!

Thanks everyone. Good news is, its looking better today. I got mail from some folk saying they have actually seen some blue sky today and that the air doesn;t smell like smoke today. SO thats a big improvement.

Also heard mom is doing fine and keepng indoors. Phew! Thats a relief!! I am hoping the end is in sight now for all those people.

Thanks for your concern and comments, it means a lot!!!


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