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Calling all cereal lovers

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Melanie, 4 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. Melanie

    Melanie Over half way to target

    I am puzzled. I don't often have cereal as my HexB but in my book it says that I can have 42g of Kellogs All Bran Fibre Plus as a B. Now 42g sounds a lot more tempting to me than the 28g of the other cereals that are allowed, but I can't seem to find All Bran Fibre Plus - is this the same as All Bran, or is this a special sort as the one I find doesn't say Fibre Plus on the box.
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  3. Laddiesboy

    Laddiesboy I ♥ Slimming World :)

    I was the same, I tried to find the All Bran fibre plus but gave up in the end! Hope you have more luck.

    I stuck with Weetabix in the end, mainly as you can just grab them without the need for weighing :)
  4. GymClassHero

    GymClassHero Silver Member

    I got mine in Tesco, however, when you weigh it out its not actually that much :(

    If you want a big bowl of cereal for your HEB go for puffed wheat, you can have 28g plus 2 x scan bran. I add splenda to mine and they taste like sugar puffs - bonus!
  5. Melanie

    Melanie Over half way to target

    Does it actually say all bran fibre plus on the box? The only product I can find on the Kellogs website just says All Bran on the box.
  6. GymClassHero

    GymClassHero Silver Member

    Hi Melanie,

    I cant check as i throw the boxes out straight away as i have containers for my cereal - sorry.
  7. Melanie

    Melanie Over half way to target

    Thanks anyway.
    Anyone else know the answer?
  8. karenk

    karenk Full Member

    I googled all bran plus and it seems to be available overseas but not in the uk. It looks like its just all bran original here so not sure if it is the same product but packaged differently for overseas. I may be wrong and someone may tell you differently.
  9. judimac

    judimac Mad old Bat with Attitude

    I'm sure its the same thing. It's quite nice if you soak it in your milk overnight as it makes a sort of wholemeal porridge. Weetabix crunchy bran is good too. I often use it as something to nibble at night.
  10. Vixxster

    Vixxster Nojo on the YoYo

    I'm pretty sure All Bran and the All Bran Fibre Plus are the same thing, they just rebranded.

    I too use Weetabix Crunchy Bran or the Puffed Wheat, much much better and tastier than All Bran, IMHO. x
  11. ann morris

    ann morris Member

    I eat all bran with chopped banana and ice cold skimmed milk or u can add strawberrys i eat it nearly every morning and ive lost almost 3 stone in just over 4 month so dont know whether its the right one but its givin me a good weight loss x
  12. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    It's one and the same. You can have own brand all bran too. Tesco's is half the price of kelloggs all bran and just as good.
    It may not look much in the bowl, but with a chopped banana added and once the milk has soaked in, it swells up all lovely and fills you right up!! I love it!
  13. Vodkamonster

    Vodkamonster Full Member

    I also have a question along the same lines, so hope it's ok to jump onto this thread Melanie?

    On the online HexB list it says "28g Kelloggs All Bran Bran Flakes" - is this just normal Bran Flakes? Or some special Bran-boosted version?

    Yeah, I also agree that Weetabix Crunchy Bran is yummy!
  14. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    All bran bran flakes are the same as bran flakes. Again, you can have own brand ones as well as Kelloggs.

    I think at one point Kelloggs might have called them all bran bran flakes!
  15. Melanie

    Melanie Over half way to target

    Thanks for all your replies folk.
  16. Tigger2000

    Tigger2000 Full Member

    Oh I did not know that you coulds have puffed wheat as an healthy extra, I sick to weetabix but I am now going to try the weetabix crunchy bran...thanks guys.;)

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