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calling all exante dieters

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hi all
im still waiting for my exante packs to arrive im hoping they come tommorrow. those of you who are on it how long do they normally take to deliver the packs?
im finishing the kee diet and really want to start the exante diet. ive set myself a 4 week goal for now. i really want to shift my weight off me. even if i manage to loose a stone ill be chuffed and it will give me the boost to loose weight and carry on. its been a while since i tried loosing weight. ive lost weight in the past on many other diets. i feel like a diet queen. my other half says im a diet queen. hes sceptical about me doing "another diet" he kinda takes the mick out of me. so i want to prove to myself and him that i can stick to this and get to where i want. i sometimes feel so down about being big becuase ive been a size 10 in the past and now im a size 18. and a tight 18 size at that! im trying to keep as postive as possible and take each day at a time.
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Hi feelinglarge
They only deliver monday to friday so you should get them tomorrow. Each pack is about 200 calories.
Good luck for your start with Exante.
Bren xx
i placed my order on Thursday and the parcel came on Friday morning so def wroth giving them a call!
S: 12st6lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi red77
i rang tham and spoke to a nice lady who tracked down my order. ill be hopefully defo getting them tommorrow. id put my order in after 1pm. im looking forward to getting them now. ive been having my old lipotrim shakes i had from last year! i had about 4 left. so been doing that today. and so far today ive done well. i even went to the supermarket and didnt feel like buy myself junk food to pig out on! thats not normal for me. ive managed to drink two litres of water as well. but its the late evenings that are really diffuclt for me. ive always been and evening eater. im now trying to take a day at a time. and be gratefull if i get thorugh it wihtout binging on food and sticking to the skaes. i did it yesterday but i gained wieght this morning! is that the water im drinking? i was a bit gutted but im still going to carry on and see how i get on.
how are you getting on red77?
Hi FeelinglargeI only started Exante on Sunday so I don't know how I'm getting on and unfortunately, i have to go on a business trip tomorrow for 3 days so I will try and eat low-carb foods.
I look at it as the same as Lipotrim only with more choices and the flapjacks are actually palitable! Its also nice to be seen to eat as it avoids peoples questions when they see you making your shake which is great!
I wouldn't worry about the gain, it could be water retention or you may even be a bit 'bunged-up' - (sorry TMI). Evenings are difficult but keep yourself busy busy busy and drink drink drink.
At the end of the day, i want my life back, I've been a hermit for too many years and this seems to be the solution for me - I hope its the one for you too! :)
S: 12st6lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi red77
your right i am actaully bunged up :( ive not been for days well not proeprly i know too much info! do you know what is ok to take with exante. i know with lipotrim there was a certain laxative they allowed but i didnt have to use them. are we allowed listerine freshers sheet things for bad breath i think i may suffer from it. i just want to be prepared now.

evenings are so difficult for me yesterday i had old lipotrim shakes to keep me going rather than eat loads of food and then hate myself for bingeing. the bars look good though. i make have one in the evening that may help me not want to eat food.

your right its nice to eat infront of people and they dont ask questions. we're visiting family in four weeks so im not sure how ill tackle exante with them they get all funny about "these diets". ive thought it through thinking ill have my shakes in the monring and lunch and then eating a healthy meal with them in the evening.

lest do the diet toegther :)
i need as much support as i can get. ive planned if i want to ditch the diet ill try and come on here if the kids let me and arnt creating havoc :)

good luck with it ill keep you posted on how i get on :)
Glad you're getting into the right frame of mind, i now look forward to what I am gaining on a personal level, rather than what i am missing out on, the food will allways be there.
I had 'trouble' last night and shoved a Senokalt down in desparation! I haven't had as much water as I had been having last week so I think this may have had something to do with it. I plan to 'unload' for want of a better phrase, at the weekend so I'll take another one on friday night as I don't want to go through last night again!
As this diet is more or less the same as lipotrim , i would imagine that the listerene strips are fine but I'm not 100% - I've asked my boyf to politly tell me if my breath is bad, lol.
4 weeks away is xmas so i take it that you're planning to go keep on the wagon over xmas? I've not bothered explaining these diets to most people, I can't be bothered to listen to their opinions, the good thing with Exante is that you can just palm people off that you're having a cuppa-soup or a flapjack.
Personally, I plan to have a break over xmas as I think i would be very miserable to be around so I shall follow a healthy eating plan as and where I can with the odd indulgence! I've ordered a 2nd box which has just arrived so it should see me through to the end of Jan and then I'll have to work out whats cheapest to follow....

good luck and stay focused, you'll have the weight lost in no time!

S: 12st6lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hey red77
becuase at chirstmas we will be with family im going to try and have my shakes in the monring and lunch and eat with them in the evening. i really think ive lost weight since doing the other shakes before exante. the other half mentioned it this monring too but i never know if hes taking the mick in a funny way rather than a nasty way.

i thought if i do really well in the next 4 weeks ill be proud of myself. so if i do gain over the few days of chirstmas it wont be so bad. im not going anywhere for the next four weeks thats planned anyway. so ive got free weeks im better off doing it now rather than regret not sticking to it now.

my long term goal is 20 weeks. even if i lost 1 pound a week thats 20 pounds off! :)

ive just had the thai chicken soup i didnt like the colour of it but it tastes ok. for me its more of i just want to be full and im not so bothered about food or sitting down for a meal. to be honest the shakes are easy with the two little ones. i found though im wanting to make lovely meals that take ages to make for the family where as before id just think ok whats easy and healthy for these guys!

im trying not to weigh myself until tuesday. i like the little book they sent with the pack. im looking forward to see my weights written down each week.

how are you getting on with the diet so far?

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