calling all GI'ers !!!


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I am sure i have seen a thread for peeps following a GI way of eating and i have just embarked on this myself in a more serious dedicated kind of way, as I have fluffed about with it before doing LL, I would like to continue to lose the odd lb as i am not quite where i would like to be yet although very happy to be 5 1/2 st lighter than I was in january of this year!! I would like to use this as a maintenace/ lose a few lbs way of eating as it fits in well with the family and I love fruit and veg!!( why did I ever get fat in the first place???)

I also saw a thread which had some one mention Quinoa burgers which i liked the sound of so if anyone has that recipe then i would love to try it!!

I ahve a few books including Rick gallops books so we can swao ideas and recipes if anyone is interested??