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Calling all Juddders


Becoming Un-Frumpy!

I have been reading these posts with interest over the last week. I am really tempted to try this 'way of eating' but scared in case I gain any weight. I have a bad history of bingeing, and I tend to binge on muffins, cookies, crisps..all the bad things :eek: When I read 'up day' I think bad food, which I shouldn't, so...

Could I be a pain and ask any of you following the JUDDD (is that too many d's or not enough??) diet to say what they eat on an up day and what they eat on a down day, just so I (and possibly the rest of us eagrely watching this thread!!) can see how you are following it.

Some of the weight losses are great, and i'm itching to give it a go, but desperate to lose weight for my hols in 17 weeks :)eek: ).

Thank you.

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Well I am only on day 4 but so far have lost 2.5lbs. On my DD I count to 500 cals very carefully, weighing lettuce even. No slips allowed. On my 2nd Dd I only had 468 cals which is amazing to me. On my UD I have eaten what I would call normally. Tea and a couple of biscuits first thing, banana mid morning, sandwich and crisps lunchtime with maybe some fruit or an ice cream after. Nothing during the afternoon and then a nice dinner; we went out for a chinese the first UD and last night we had a barbie. I had 2 sausages, a bread roll, a few new potatoes and salad. Quite a bit of red wine too - very nice! I think the whole point of have such a restricted down day is to allow you to eat well on the UD, that doesn't mean pig out but definately enjoy what you have. I am finding it a great plan and want to run with it forever! Hows that for commitment!

Hope that helps, Love


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Thanks Barb,

I suppose the thought of your upday would keep you motivated through the down day?

Well done on the 2.5lb loss, that is amazing. Reading what you have on your upday it would be good as I have downloaded a running guide from coolrunnings.co.uk and it advises to run every other day, so I could do my running on my updays. The other good thing about that is that when I run I don't feel that I can binge as I feel so motivated after the run.

I am off to the JUDDD website to have a read, then maybe i'll get some work done...hee hee!

Ooooh, I feel all excited. Like you've all made this great discovery :D and we're all in on the secret :D


S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Hi Frumpster
It's early days for us JUDDERERS (2 Ds if you count Upday and Downday as single words... three if you separate them :) ) and I have to confess to being a tiny bit nervous of being a guinea pig - but happy to give it a good go.

I'm also a binger but tend to binge on 'healthy' foods - believe me you can lash on a shedload of weight eating kilos of cottage cheese every day! :eek:

I'm trying to break the *feast or famine* cycle that I seem to have found myself in and JUDD seems a logical way of doing it. Dipping my toe in the water of eating but with a safety net on alternate days so to speak!

On Downdays I have three CD packs: familiar SS ground.

A typical Upday for me is: a bowl of porrige for breakfast with some fruit and nuts cooked in and a drizzle of honey on top.
Lunch is a tin of tuna in brine with a generous salad and a couple of Ryvita biscuits.
Dinner is something like a chicken breast done in a lemon sauce with peppers, served with lots of veggies and a CD mousse for pudding.
Last night, I had 2 quorn Tikka steaks and salad with one fajita wrap.

I also have a CD bar if I fancy it and maybe a piece of fruit at some point through the day. Oh - and I've had a Freddo frog choccie with a cup of coffee in the evening on both my Updays.
I make sure I drink at least 2 litres of water on both UDs and DDS.

It's hard trying to combat my binging tendancies .. I went a bit mad yesterday with a packet of jumbo Snack-a-Jacks but I'm trying to break out of the eat / guilt / eat more cycle so today I'm back on a DD whereas usually I might have carried on with the eating today out of guilt and anger at myself. I've GOT to stop being so damned hard on poor old me!!
Without doubt, the biggest proportion of abuse I've endured over the past 20+ years has come from myself.

Anyway - hope this helps :)


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Hi Russinadoll

Thanks for the info. You are doing really well, you shouldn't be hard on yourself. Those updays are fab, imagine what you could have had. You chose wisely and healthily.

I have posted on my calories countin diary thread that i'm going to start JUDDDering from Monday. It seems like a great way to be 50% normal (;) ) and still lose weight. It's also great as you can hide the down days from annoying, interfering people around you! I'm not suggesting secret eating, but more when you see family/friends and they spend an hour trying to warn you against cd and vlcd's. You can time it so that updays fall on family meals out, etc.

Thanks again

S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
I think your running achievements are amazing by the way ... I can't run AT ALL. Partly because I'm just too 'lumpy' and heavy for my poor knees to take the beating but also because of an embarrassing problem caused by decades of morbid obesity ... won't go ito graphic detail - let's just say I'd need TENA Lady if I tried to run!! :eek:


Not dieting ATM!
Hi Frumpster

I started Juddd'ing on Tuesday and started a diary where I list what I eat each day. Feel Free to check it out it's in Members Only diaries.

So far so good with not having any urge to binge. I actually feel no hunger on those UpDays and so can make controlled choices rather than compulsive ones.

Very early days yet but I'm certainly optimistic.

Dizzy x


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I came at JUDDD from not dieting at all & will admit to having Indian takeaway the night before I started - (I split the takeaway in 2 as I'm veggie & ordered lots of veg side dishes so I had half the night before & half the 1st night of my 1st UD). UD: toast, butter, jam, cheese salad roll, fruit & yoghurt, 1/2 Indian, (some sweets!), 4 litres water. DD: 2 Slimfast (215 cals each) & 4 litres water. UD:
cereal with banana, 2 toast, M & S mushroom risotto (which was yummy! - never had it before!), fruit, compote & fruit corner spread out over the day. Reduced fat Hula Hoops, Italian - bruschetta with tomato & mozzarella, very thin veggie pizza, no pudding, 1 glass wine & 4 litres water. DD: 2 Slimfast & 1 CD tetra, over 11,500 steps so felt okay having the extra one, 4 litres water.

My Up days are still blow outs but I'm hoping that with all the birthdays now over & common sense kicking in that this should calm down.

started 12,1, UD + 2 12,3, DD -4 11,13, UD +3 12,2, DD -3 11,13... If I can eat like this & still lose 2lbs a week I'll be chuffed! But of course I will have to tone down the UDs... We were supposed to be having a family birthday barbecue today but my brother's fiancée is babysitting & he wasn't sure if he had to work as his colleague & best friend at work got shot yesterday twice in the chest. It was on the Channel 4 news, he was going to train station and 2 security guards were filling cashpoint at station in Rayleigh, Essex when the woman guard had a gun pointed at her & he got caught up in an armed robbery. They think he tried to help the woman. Serious but stable. My brother rang home & cried, poor thing!


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Crikey Anja, your poor brother, sounds like he had a reall shock, hope he feels better today. Good that he had a cry, much better to let some of that shock out that keep it in (which is what most blokes do!).
Sounds like your JUDDDERING is going well, I agree with you, 2lbs off a week and being able to eat withour worrying too much is well worth doing. I don't worry too much what I have on the UD but am very careful on the DD which is what Dr J suggests. Looking forward to Monday to see what a difference a whole week has made.

Hope you have a good day and all the JUDDDERs do well be it UD or DD!



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Good grief - Adam is in all the newspapers!

My brother is also very traumatised & has gone back to the topic over and over again and has read all of the papers online. I think he's still in shock, not helped by all the people calling & texting him asking about Adam! He spent today with us & constantly spoke about it & checked news updates & kept apologising to Mum for crying. Any time that we got the topic on something else he took it back, he's very screwed up.


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Thanks everyone for your replies.

Anja, your poor brother. I can't imagine how he must feel. Let him cry and get everything out of his system.

Love Frumpster.x.


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Hope your brother is feeling a bit better Anja, what an awful thing to get involved in. He is bound to be in shock for a few days and then hopefully he will start to come to terms with hos lucky escape. I bet your whole family is quite traumatised by his experience.

hows everyones juddding going on this truly disgusting Sunday? In a way I am glad i am on a DD, because if I was on a UD I reckon the tea and biccies would be calling. As it is I am sipping away at my water and looking forward to a M&S count on us steak yorkshire pudding meal at just 210 cals plus some veggies! I have also made sure to keep at least 100 cals back for a late night nibble, that really helps me, otherwise I tend to keepwaking up hungry!

Can't wait for tomorrows weigh in, feel really excited. I'm just a big kid really, but getting smaller!


i am a cd struggler and have been very impressed with all the positivity shown towards this diet and am seriously considering it (have a long history of all diets wont bore you all) but feel i have alot in common with so many of you in this struggle to get to a healthy weight and lifestyle. Have done a bit of research and came across the QOD diet which seems to be similar but a bit more detailed. Anyone have experience of this diet?



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Hi Sheilar, glad you are interested in Juddd, it certainly is a plan for the easily bored.lol! I am finding it very easy and feel like the results should be good. It is very early days and I don't want to get ahead of myself but, so far so good!


We ride, we ride....

Wow this sounds really cool - not a diet as such, but a sensible way of eating and recovery without guilt. Brilliant idea!! It's great to see how everyone is doing!! keep it up!!

Much love, chelle xx


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You are right Chelle, it is very cool! I am sitting at my desk (working!!!) and sipping away at my water, knowing that today is a DD. I am perfectly happy with that as tomorrow is an Ud and I only have to be good till then!


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