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Calling IT boffins....wireless routers?? Help please..:*))))

Right - here's the brief (lol)

I've got Virgin media tv, phone and broadband on my pc.

My eldest kid has a pc upstairs that's not connected to t'internet and I want to find the cheapest way of getting her online.

I've spoken to Virgin who say that an additional internet connection will cost me 25 quid plus 25 quid a month on top of what I'm already paying - no packages available - grr!

When I said that I might as well cancel my agreement with them and go to Sky, they suggested that I get a wireless router to connect the upstairs pc to the internet using my existing connection.

But - I haven't got a clue how this works and am a bit worried about buying something I don't know how to install.

Has anyone got any hints/tips/suggestions for what I buy and how to install it?

Many thanks in advance

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There are a huge number of options for wireless routers I'm afraid- you can buy them in PC world and they copme with installation instructions- PC World are also usually quite good at answering your questions, at least while you are in the shop. Most common varieties have names like 3com and Belkin. They need to be plugged into the mains. You want one with high speed connection to get the maximum use. If your son's PC is not already wireless enabled you will need to do this- you can buy a USB device that will plug in and make your computer wirless enabled so it can connect to your wirless hub. However! You normally ahve to enhance your subscription to your provider for wireless to work- suugets you ask Virgin about this and see if they do it?
Cheers, Kathy - I did wonder if I would need to plug something into the desktop upstairs in order for it to 'catch' the wireless waves lol, so thanks for that.

The Virgin lady I spoke to assured me that it wouldn't affect the speed/quality of my broadband at all - but you may well be right!

It's very confusing!

Thanks for your help xxxx


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Go to Dabs.com for router etc. They are much cheaper than PC World and have more choice. We went into PC World to get a device to plug into a spare laptop (as DH's laptop was stolen) and the 2 people we spoke to were useless.

Kathy is right you may need to upgrade your broadband service. We are on AOL and had to upgrade from Silver to Gold to enable the wireless to work. Something to do with the download speed. Best thing we ever did though.
Ooh thanks, Pam, darling!!

Will check out that site!

I've got the L broadband size from Virgin (10 thingys) but I think the XL one is 12 quid dearer, which I don't mind if it works! lol

Thanks, hun!

I have a wireless router at home and don't plug anything into my laptop at all. It works all over the house, its not that big, but still has an excellent signal wherever I am.

I also had a second laptop home from work a while ago and the two of them were connected to it with the same excellent signal!!!

Just my experience


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I have a laptop and am not plugged into my router, my son has a pc upstairs and he is plugged in ......thats all I know im afraid...lol.


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hey isobel do you have a wireless system emitting already? Or what?

If you dont you need something like this:


This will take the thick cable coming out of your modem and into your pc. Then you connect another cable from it to your pc (same type of cable)

Then your son upstairs needs a reciever to connect to the wireless


Like that.

Then you have to set them up. Linksys has great support, written and over the phone and comes with a CD packed with information, videos and pictures :)

I have a BT Wireless router... I plug it into my phone socket and it sends out a signal to whatever laptops I have programmed to receive it... or whatever way that works lol

It is something similar to what Pierce has posted above...
We've got a NetGear wireless router...2 PCs and 2 laptops connected to it :eek: similar setup to wot Pierce / Gen described.....we've got AOL Platinum (they gave it to us for same price as previous package - PLUS a free router !)

doesn't matter how many of us are connected.... performance still excellent !

Cool - thanks, Debz!

I have no idea if my pc has a wireless thingy now or not. All I know that it makes a weird sound if I put my Blackberry Pearl next to it LMTO!!

My daughter's pc is old and creaky, so I imagine I'll need to plug something into it to bring it into the 21st century lol.

Thanks for all your help, guys - I feel a bit more sorted now.

Cheers xxxxxxxxxx
I too have virgin broadband, i didnt need to upgrade when i went wireless! I believe they actually sell routers now Isobel, so if you buy from them they can also provide you with tech support. They always ask me if i bought mine from them, but i didnt. I believe they recommend netgear, which is what i use anyway. Worth giving them a call first!
Hi Isobel,

I got a new laptop and wireless router last week. Here is what we bought from Jessops.

Jessops.com - Dynamode BR-6004W-G1 4 Port Wireless CABLE DSL Router - Jessops.com

They say it's "Perfect if you use Virgin Media Cable or ADSL with an ADSL Modem and want a wireless solution."

That was why my DH chose it and he installed it himself. It worked beautifully after a few adjustments (security issues which is so important!) I have used it in my bedroom, the signal did decrease a bit which is good as it means that other neighbours wouldn't be able to use ours!
OOh thanks for that, Donna! Will check it out in more detail (erm that means, me scrunching up my nose, tongue sticking out slightly, squinty eyes while I try to make sense of all the difficult words lol).

Thanks for taking the trouble to find the link.


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i got my wireless router thingy last weekend and it is at the minute plugged into a 10 year old pc and stll works but I got a thing with it that plugs into a usb port as well to enable it to be wireless. I got mine from pc world, it's for a BT line but saw a few there that said they were for what you have

I do have a problem at the minute though that my laptop says its connected if you look at the status thingy but when I first open internet explorer nothing happens so no idea whats going on there.

good luck with it.

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