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Calls of nature

Afternoon fellow shrinking people!

Bit personal this one so I'll jump right to it,

How often do you have a bowel movement?

I have read constipation is common but never having been constipated before I don't know how long has to pass before you are classed as constipated.

I feel fine, I'm just used to my usual rhythm of 2 visits a day,

thx in advance.
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hi, I dont knowabout anyone else but for my first 2 weeks it was about once every 3 days and I was taking fiberclear aswell but have stopped that now cos have gone the other way and have a very upset tum, thought it was a bug to start off with but after 3 days of it I think it could just be the lipotrim....sorry not too much help but i'm sure others will have more advice.
Thanks for the feedback, it's been three days now so I'll leave it till Monday and try the firbreclear if nothing has moved :)

It may be man thing but I miss my wee read of the paper..........
I have read on hear somewhere that people have had to use laxatives....that may give you time to read the paper:)
Hi, I was in an awfull mess with constipation last weekend, so my advice would be don't leave if to go too far, I did have the urge though but just couldn't go and had to resort to supositories in the end. I know take dulcoease and that helps along with the fibreclear. It wasn't a nice experience so sm takin steps to prevent it now!
I know myself that Ive had horrid problems with constipation last time I was on LT this time I decided to do what I had to do to prevent it or make things flow a little easier. So ive upped my water intake; take fibreclear and then senokat every other day. Hope it helps xxx
You guys are so lucky!! lol. Ive had the opposite effect with my bowels. I literally keep running to the toilet! And there is no warning... Anyone else had this problem?
No!! I'm suffering the whole time with constipation, think a bit of what you have would be a welcome relief!! Till I was caught short that is!!
I seem to be swinging the other way now, lol. I think constipation is setting in, and for me its a welcome relief! lol. Will leave it for a few days see what happens, then get some senakot me thinks....
Well after adding a wee bit curry powder to my soup last night i think i solved the problem.

I only just made it to the loo in work this morning!!!
Hi Jopolson

I'm having the same problem. I'm usually pretty regular but feel totally bunged up! lol
Have been taking the fibreclear everyday this week, but it does'nt seem to be making a difference. Just bought some Senekot which I will take tonight.
Fingers crossed! lol
I'm just constipated the whole time and have to have help to go. A definate downside of this diet for me, the fibreclear every day does nothing to help.
Oh gosh - not a nice side effect at all! You mention the fibreclear - I've just got a tub of this from the pharmacast - can you recommend how often I should take it? Is it two spoonfuls in water once a day?

I'm only on day 6, and so far I haven't had any problems with bowels.....and I really don't fancy them either!!

Hope you feel better soon!
it depends on the individual person- I took fibreclear one teaspoon in a glass of water once a day and it didnt do anything for me, so I upped it to two glasses of water a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) it helped a little bit but still had terrible pains going to the toilet, so I take two senokat each night and that has helped me a lot- its still not completely comfortable but it is definitely much better than it was!
I take two servings of fibreclear a day in one of my shakes, I keep taking in even though it doesn't help! I also take duloxease aswell but have to resort to suppositories alot of the time as I just cannot go however mch I want to. Too much detail I no sorry! It's horrible and has nearly made me I've up but am hopin will settle down, am half way through week 3 now . Just don't let it go to far if you feel bunged up would be my advice!!
Thanks for the advice.....and I do feel for you - it sounds really quite unpleasant!! I hope that things improve and you feel less 'bunged up' really soon.....I'll take the fibreclear in the hope I don't get like that...

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