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  1. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Starting today: day one
    I don't actually know what I weigh, will weigh in on Xmas eve tho! Then I can measure that against after Xmas where I won't be counting.

    Breakfast: activia cranberry yogurt

    Lunch: coke zero
    2 White rolls with ham n salad cream

    Exercise: 1500m row
    20 min run (10 min walk)

    Dinner: steak n ale pie
    Roasted parsnips n carrots, peas

    Snacks: 3 cadbury heroes
    Salt n vinegar crisps

    Cals: 1454
    Exercise cals: 290
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  3. Bostik

    Bostik Gold Member

    Good luck!
  4. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Thankyou :)
    I'm doing a 12 days of fitmas thing at my gym so every day up to Xmas from tomoz you have to do some form of exercise. Gonna kill...eeeeek
  5. Bostik

    Bostik Gold Member

    Ooh! Sounds like a good idea!
  6. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    I'll keep u posted on how it goes!!! :)
  7. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    Hellloooooooo hellooooooooooo :) you will be fine you always have been remember x
  8. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Ahhhhh thanks hunny. I'll update here. How you doing shanny? X
  9. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Planning ahead: Monday's food plan:

    Breakfast: choc weetabix n skimmed milk

    Lunch: tuna n sweet Corn salad with salad cream (rocket/tomatoes/tuna/corn)
    Coke zero

    Dinner: spicy goan lentil soup (glorious fresh soups)
    WW mini naan bread x2

    Exercise: 1 hour core stability class

    Cals: 1203
    Exercise cals: 397
  10. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    Im ok thanx bored today.. should really wrap presents tonight ;) ive kinda given up with WW.. but need to sort myself out really lol.

    You totally do with CD then? x
  11. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Yeah I think so. I really want to start trying for a baby so jut need to watch my weight really. I'm gonna save cd now until I really need it again. I don't think it's effective doing it half heartedly! Xx
  12. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    1604 total cals today, added gravy n 2 Yorkshire puds to dinner x
  13. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Exercise has changed to kettlercise but I imagine it's still the same kinda cals!
  14. MalibuStacey

    MalibuStacey Full Member


    Did you loose your initial weight on CD then?

    Malibu xx
  15. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    Hi chick what's kettlercise?? I'm staying my new exercise program tonight.., ;) I agree about CD hon u are wise to knock it on the head.. Your more in control now :) xx
  16. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    It's kinda like body pump but with a single weight. Really kills!!! X
  17. takemedrunkimhome

    takemedrunkimhome Full Member


    I would like ti follow you :D

    I starting calorie counting properly yesterday morning so hoping I can get stuck in and make good use of my treadmill (which up until now has had clothes hanging on it gathering a lot of dust)
  18. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Hellooooo! Thanks for following, hopefully it won't be too bloody boring for u!! Have u got an app to count? I use my net diary x
  19. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Yes up until now, all on cd :)
  20. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Add sultanas
    2 quality street

    Total: 1553 cals eaten
  21. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Tomorrows plan:

    Breakfast: 2 choc weetabix
    Skimmed milk

    Tuna n sweetcorn salad with light salad cream
    Activia yogurt (fig)

    Bolegnese (no pasta)

    Exercise: 1 hour jog/walk

    Cals: 1011
    Exercise cals: 397

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