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100 Calorie Foods List

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by Seziexx, 14 October 2010 Social URL.

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    Thought this might be a nice little thing for people to have a read of! see how much you really do get for 100 cals!
    (from my big fat diet show)

    All of these portions = 100 calories

    Champagne - 131.58ml
    Prosecco - 135.14ml
    White Wine - 135.14ml
    Red Wine - 147.06ml
    Lager - 243.31ml
    Barcardi - 48.31ml
    Baileys - 30.58ml
    Guinness - 270.27ml
    Pina Colada - 42.19ml
    Gin - 48.31ml
    Cola - 243.90ml
    Strawberry smoothie - 188.68ml
    Fresh orange juice - 303.03ml
    Cranberry juice - 179.53ml

    Sweet snacks

    Teacakes - 33.78g
    Jaffa Cakes - 26.67g
    Caramel Wafers - 21.02g
    Mars Bars - 22.32g
    Milk Chocolate - 19.23g
    Cadbury Roses - 20.20g
    Custard Creams - 20.28g
    Chocolate Digestives - 20.28g
    Lemon Cake - 26.95g
    Mint Aero - 18.76g
    74% Dark Chocolate - 16.72g
    Shortbread Biscuits - 20.08g
    Chocolate Brownie - 22.43g
    Jelly babies - 29.59g
    Haribos - 29.07g
    Mr Kipling French Fancies - 27.10g
    Kit Kats - 19.72g
    Savoury snacks

    Mini Pork Pies - 25.28g
    Mixed Nuts - 16.47g
    Mini Cheddars - 19.34g
    Pork Scratchings - 16.03g
    French Fries crisps (ready salted) - 23.53g
    Mccoys crisps - 19.38g
    Popadoms - 27.10g
    Doritos (flaming hot) - 20g
    Pringles (original) - 19g
    Twiglets - 25.64g
    Prawn Crackers - 19.05g
    Rice Crackers - 25.38g
    Rice Cakes - 25.71g
    Oatcakes - 22.68g
    Bread Sticks - 25.51g
    Nik Naks (nice 'n spicy) - 17.83g
    Ryvita (original) - 26.32g
    Condiments & cookery

    Balsamic Vinegar - 113.64ml
    Tomato Sauce - 83.13g
    Jam (strawberry, average) - 39.51g
    Mayo - 13.81g
    Tartare Sauce - 33.44g
    Peanut Butter (smooth) - 16.05g
    Marmalade (shredded) - 38.02g
    Nutella - 18.76g
    Sugar (white, granulated, average) - 25.20g
    Olive Oil - 11.70ml
    Rapeseed Oil - 11.58ml
    Marmite - 43.29g
    Gravy granules - 23.70g
    Tomato pasta sauce (jar) - 33.44g
    Chinese ready made sauce - 124g
    Indian ready made sauce (Vindaloo) -106g
    Indian ready made sauce (Tikka Masala) - 121g
    Canned foods

    Cupasoup (chicken) - 243.90ml
    Chickpeas - 86.96g
    Supanoodles (chicken) - 22.27g
    Kidney Beans - 100.20g
    Coconut Milk - 57.34ml
    Dressed Crab - 64.81g
    Tuna (canned) - 92.34g
    Corned Beef (slice, average) - 46.62g
    Tomato Puree - 132.10g
    Tinned Tomatoes - 558.66g
    Baked Beans - 115.61g
    Pitted Black Olives - 60.94g
    Pitted Green Olives - 77.22g
    Chunky Veg Big Soup - 192.31g

    Rice, grains, pastas and cereals

    Bran Flakes (All Bran Flakes) - 30.67g
    Cornflakes - 27.10g
    Shredded Wheat (Nestle) - 29.41
    Oats - 28.90g
    Weetabix - 29.59g
    Frosties - 26.95g
    Cruncy Nut Cornflakes - 25.19g
    Coco Pops - 25.84g
    Museli - 27.55g
    Alpen (fruit 'n nut bars) - 25.38g
    Honey Nut Loops - 27.25g
    Nutrigrain Bars (strawberry) - 28.17g
    Porridge Oats - 26.04g
    Pop Tarts (strawberry) - 25.32g
    Brown Rice (dry) - 28.15g
    White Long Grain Rice (dry) - 27.64g
    Wheat Noodles (dry) - 29.27g
    Rice Noodles (dry) - 27.78g
    Spaghetti (dry) - 28.60g
    Penne (dry) - 28.41g
    Couscous (dry) - 28.07g
    Quinoa (dry) - 26.74g
    Arborio Rice (dry) - 28.71g
    Plain Flour - 28.63g

    Baked goods

    Sliced White (medium) - 42.02g
    Brown Bread - 48.31g
    French Stick - 37.04g
    Crumpet (toasted) - 50.25g
    Tortilla Wrap (plain average) - 35.84g
    Bagel - 36.28g
    Pitta - 37.74g
    Iced Buns - 31.45g
    Muffins - 33.78g
    Cupcakes - 23.39g
    Croissants - 27.78g
    Pain au Chocolate - 24.98g
    Garlic Bread - 31.15g
    Fruit and veg

    Runner Beans (boiled, average) - 515.46g
    Cauliflower (boiled, average) - 357.14g
    Peppers - 625g
    Courgette - 555.56g
    Butternut Squash - 338.98g
    Garlic - 67.11
    Onion - 326.80g
    Leeks - 452.49g
    Spinach - 442.48g
    Sweet Potato - 136.80g
    Potato - 91.74g
    Brocolli (boiled, average) - 416.67g
    Carrots (boiled, average) - 454.55g
    Tomato (medium, average) - 555.56g
    Lettuce - 763.36g
    Mushrooms - 862.07g
    Peas (frozen, boiled) - 146.41g
    Sweetcorn (frozen) - 95.06g
    Sweetcorn (boiled) - 90.09g
    Cucumber - 1000g
    Celery - 1428.57g
    Beansprouts - 333.33g
    Banana (small) - 105.26g
    Raspberries - 380.23g
    Orange (medium) - 161.03g
    Pear (william, medium, average) - 294.12g
    Satsuma (medium, average) - 188.68g
    Apple (unspecific, average) - 204.50g
    Grapes (green, average) - 162.60g
    Pomeganate (whole) - 262.47g
    Dried Fruits - 37.31g
    Blueberries - 186.92g
    Chiller and frozen foods

    Chocolate Mousse - 71.94g
    Cheesecake - 23.47g
    Fresh Custard - 79.37g
    Double Cream - 22.82g
    Single Cream - 81.17g
    Brie - 33.82g
    Cheddar (medium, average) -24.32g
    Stilton - 24.25g
    Cream Cheese - 22.78g
    Parmesan - 24.94g
    Butter (salted, average) - 13.72g
    Skimmed Milk - 292.40g
    Milk Semi Skimmed - 205.76
    Greek Yoghurt - 73.31ml
    Low Fat Yoghurt (raspberry) - 120.19ml
    Cottage Cheese - 102.35g
    Margarine - 13.76g
    Milk Full Fat - 149.48g
    Coleslaw (average) - 67.57g
    Tomato and Marscapone Sauce - 90.09g
    Carbonara Sauce - 64.64g
    Smoked Salmon - 55.71g
    Veg Soup - 192.31g
    Chicken Soup (clear) - 833.33g
    Thai Red Curry (Chicken) - 85.19g
    Sausage Rolls - 25.25g
    Chicken Tikka and rice - 71.68g
    Chicken Vindaloo - 52.08g
    Chinese Ready Meal - 85.47g
    Shepherds Pie - 89.29g
    Quiche - 25.58g
    Meat and Potato - 42.74g
    Cheese and Chive Dip - 23.36g
    Salsa - 272.48g
    Houmous - 34.25g
    Guacamole - 78.13g
    Slice of Ham - 85.69g
    Chicken Slice - 84.75g
    Smoked Haddock - 89.05g
    Raw Salmon - 52.91g
    Sausage (pork, average) - 32.83g
    Raw chicken breast - 79.30g
    Bacon (back, unsmoked, average) - 41.29g
    Raw Steak - 69.44g
    Raw Lamb - 73.53g
    Gravy (instant, made up) - 294.12g
    Fish Cakes (grilled average) - 64.94g
    Scampi - 45.13g
    Quorn Pieces - 97.09g
    Chicken Kiev (Bernard Matthews) - 54.64g
    Spring Roll (mini, vegetable) - 48.78g
    Pizza (cheese and tomato) - 42.19g
    Mini Yorkshire Pudding - 35.59g
    Prawns - 130.38g
    Oven Chips - 76.34g
    Vanilla Ice Cream - 49.75g
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    omg that's an amazing list that ill be printing out thankyou!! xxx
  4. Seziexx

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    your welcome hun! thought it might give a little help or just have a look how little you get for the higher fat higher cal foods! I thought it was interesting to read through!!!
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