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Calorie counting+CS shake diet

Hiya I started my calorie counting diet 2 days ago, and I had a slip up last night! so its not going so well.
Thought I would post to try and give me a kick up the bum:)

I have bought a bumper pack of CS shakes, having them for breakfast and lunch, and then a proper dinner.
My downfall is wine:( I was doing really well untill I bought a bottle and drank the lot.

So from today no wine, 1250 cals a day:eek:
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I have just read that I need 1900cals per day to maintain this current weight, so I didnt do to much damage last night.
My total cals including the wine was 2000.
So I just need to keep off alcohol and I will fine!

Today I have had 650cals so far(weetabix,boiled egg, shake) I'm finding it harder today after drinking, because I just want to eat everything!

For dinner I'm going to have a look in the freezer I have 600 cals left!
Sorry me again!
I am going to change the cals I'm allowing myself to 1400, I will still lose but slightly slower, and I'm more likely to stick with it if I'm not to hard on myself!
S: 19st0lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 5st9lb(29.7%)
Wahoo, I love it when you think you've done shed loads of damage and then when you work it out it's not too bad!!! PHEW, LOL!!! x
Today is going great. Breakie was weetabix. Lunch CS shake. boiled egg and fruit for a snack when I'm making kids tea.
My tea tonight is chicken curry, home made with boiled rice, cant wait!

I bought the Leslie Sanson dvd 2mile walk, and it came yesterday I did it yesterday and today, its hard work but really good so that should help with the weight loss!
Hiya no I dont mind at all x
So today I go to town with my mum for a coffee and breakfast. I usually have a fry up, so had a teacake instead and a tea. Not sure of the cals, will check in a min.
For dinner I've had a vanilla shake (it was lovely) and I picked up a small cooked chicken breast to pick at for an afternoon snack.
Last night the chicken hadnt defrosted, so I had pork stir fry (forgot to update!)

Dinner tonight is chicken curry, 400cals with plain boiled rice 200cals.
I'm going to try and drink more water today aswell!
Stuck to my diet yesterday, except I had a slice of bread with my curry instead of the rice!
Today weetabix for breakfast, shake for lunch and its fajitas for dinner. I'm not a big one for snacking so I havent had any today. I have had 4 cups of coffee today, with sweetener, and semi skimmed milk so i'l allow 80cals for the milk.
Weigh day 2moro!
S: 19st0lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 5st9lb(29.7%)
Good luck for weigh in, let us know how you get on! x
Weight this morning is 10st 7lb! yay lost 4lb, I was abit naughty last night, I had 2 large bacardi an diet coke, and a thick slice of toast oops!
Alcohol is still my downfall, it makes me get the munchies!

Dinner last night went well, I had 2 fajitas, and salad (I would normally have 4!) so my portion sizes are getting back to normal now I'm watching my calories.

Have a great day to anyone reading x
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Thanks :)
I'm doing well so far! Breakfast and lunch everyday are the same
weetabix (2 with milk)
Shake for lunch
For dinner I'm having whatever I would usually have just keeping the calories within 1400. I get a bit hungry mid afternoon so I have some protein (boiled egg, piece of chicken today is a tin of tuna!) otherwise I pinch some of the kids tea!

I have done the walking dvd everyday but I've only managed the full 2 miles once, its hard work! I usually get to a mile and a half, but I'm working on it!!

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