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calorie counting software. any recommendations?

I decided to write my own diet by calorie counting all my favourite meals and recipes. I want to use software either on my laptop or online to work it all out? I needs to be fairly easy to look everything up, have a large database of basic ingredients etc.
Has anyone found or used a good site for this? Any good recommendations I can go check out? Thanks
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I found Weight Loss Resources was the best out there when I was calorie counting.

Not free, but you can get a 3 day trial which is really handy for seeing if it's what you want, and it is certainly good value for money if you do want it for longer.

Has pretty much everything you need there.

Best of luck Lesley.:)
That is a good one. I've used that site before. Very user friendly, but as you say it costs. Not bad, much less than weekly clubs infact, but I'm a tightarse.... I'm trying to find something for free.

Pipe dreams probably! I reckon I'll end up on there anyway... it's real easy to input recipes and print them off too on there. :D
I'd recommend Fitday.com or Sparkpeople.com. Both free - US-based, but they're perfectly good as you can input your own values if you want.

FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal
Free Diet Plans at SparkPeople

Sparkpeople is amazing actually - all the free tools make it a really great site to use to motivate yourself. Like a free US-based WLR, but much better.
I had a look at sparkpeople, but it looked like it gave menu plans? Have I missed something? Is there a way to input entirely your own choices? Is it possible to input a recipe and save it for easy input in future? It'll be great if it is, and free too!
I had a look at sparkpeople, but it looked like it gave menu plans? Have I missed something? Is there a way to input entirely your own choices? Is it possible to input a recipe and save it for easy input in future? It'll be great if it is, and free too!
It gives you suggested menu plans if you don't turn that option off in your settings. However, whether or not you have the menu plans on, you can still input any foods you like - just don't select the menu items if you're not going to eat them and they won't be added to your daily total. It also has a food tracker and exercise tracker so you can look for patterns in your eating habits etc.

And yes, you can input whole recipes and save them for easy input, and you can share them with other users. I <3 Sparkpeople :)

Any other questions, just ask - I am pretty familiar with the site so may be able to help!
Yet another free website for anyone who's interested..... Extrapounds.com | Diet and Weight loss blogs It has the food input calorie/carb/fat/protein counts.... exercise stuff... built in blogs.... but it also has trackers.

Jemma, I love chilli too, I'm still on the hunt for a really yummy good recipe for that. We love the chilli at Chikito's... but what I really really want is a recipe to make it myself, from scratch with loads of veg making real healthy, and beef mince too or course. I must have tried about a dozen different recipes so far but not 'hit-the-spot' yet.
Well I finally decided which website to continue with. Extrapounds. Why? Cos the other 2 count all the vitamins and minerals as well and I was starting to obsess about them! I do take a multivit daily so instead of worrying about all that stuff I just wanna know the calories/fat/carbs/protein. I did get fed-up in the middle and stop using all of them... hardly suprising as I was inputting all my food everyday on 3 sites so looking it all up 3 times... pain in the butt!!!! :D So I've been very on and off about it, but I've lost 4lb. Ok it ain't enough, but for a very wobbly trial it's very good! And now I've decided what I'm doing I can just relax and get on with it. :D


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Boots gave me 1573, weightlossresources gave me 1355 - which is the best to use?? Don't want to be not eating enough to lose weight!
With WLR it'll depend on how much you set it for to lose weight. Was that the same as the boots one?

I really liked WLR. The fitbug one gave me way too many calories.
A VERY GOOD SITE FOR CALORIE COUNTING IS fitday.com or thedailyplate.com both are USA sites, but so easy to do and best of all they are cheap, FREE!
I too am a calorie counter and I lost my weight by calorie counting. Hope you enjoy these sites.


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Odd that setting a target to lose less weight overall makes it calculate i need to eat less than another website has calculated!
Yes, it's strange. I have just looked at the boots one. It gives me a maintenance cal allowance of 2066:eek:

I know that's wrong. I know my body so well now and what I can eat and there's no way I could maintain on that amount each day.

Calorie allowances go down with age. I'm 52, so I'm not expecting masses. Even put that I don't do much exercise but it still gives me more than the average lady (which is 2000 cals). Doesn't make sense:confused:


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Actually....tell a lie, the boots one says I need 1908 to maintain.

WLR said I needed 1796 to maintain.

Though I don't cal count now. 1800 worked well for me.


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I use foodfocus.co.uk- you enter your stats, target weight, est. loss per week & it works out how many cals you need a day to lose that much (2lb a week max). It'll also factor in all exercise you add. Your progress is shown on graphs so you can see your (hopefully!) losses. I've lost 1st 4lb since I've been logging.
I use www.nutracheck.co.uk and it's great, has all brands of food logged into it as well as portion sizes.
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