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  1. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Hi all

    Weighed in at 12st 2lbs on Saturday, hoping to be 11st 12lbs on Friday 1st Feb which will leave me with 19lbs to lose to reach my goal of 10st 7lbs.

    I'm aiming for 1lb a week and hope to be at my goal sometime in June.

    I definitely believe that i can lose this 4lbs in my first week as we all know you can lose a lot of bloat and water weight when you stop eating rubbish.

    I have flitted around with SW lately but i can't get my heart fully into it. The most i have lost on that plan is just under 21lbs but i have reached my lowest weight, and enjoyed losing weight the most with CC. I think it's that little bit of extra freedom that you have with CC (although i do love SW when i am in the right frame of mind for it).

    I have issues with binge eating (i'm not talking a few bags of crisps...i'm talking 8lbs on in a week sort of bingeing), so i need to keep my calories high and weight loss slow to give me the greatest chance of success this time around. Once i get into it i lose weight great, i just struggle to keep it off, however this is something i am more mindful of this time so will hopefully manage it.

    Anyway i have stuck to 1200 calories since Saturday and will do so for another 2 days, then i am considerably upping my calories to approx 1650 so that i am cutting out 1750 calories over the week (1/2lb loss), and i will be aiming to burn the other 1750 calories by exercise (another 1/2lb loss). I have bought a heart rate monitor to make sure that my calories burnt are as accurate as possible, and to safeguard my 1lb loss every week.

    I can stay at 1200 calories for another 2 days, in fact i have been quite comfortable eating those calories but i think it's only because i know it is short term and it will be risky for me to do it any longer unless i want to start bingeing again at some point.

    Anyway i am logging on MFP (which i loved the last time i CC'd) and will post my food for the last 4 days.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all xxx
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  3. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Aside from my food, i will also be noting what and how much i am drinking (always water or peppermint tea/chamomile tea), what exercise i have done and how many calories burnt, and to stop me using all my calories on sweet treats, how many of my 5 a day i am getting.

    Saturday 26th:

    B - Apple - 70
    L - WW petit pain with ham and Kerry low low chilli and red pepper spread omelette - 519
    D - Spag bol and 30g light cheddar - 499
    S - Yoghurt and strawberries - 102
    Water/tea - 3.5 litres
    Exercise - Pump it up dvd (the full hour and 10 minutes)...unsure of calories burnt as didn't have HRM then.
    5 a day - 4/5

    Total - 1190

    Sunday 27th:
    B - Apple - 70
    L - Mugshot and spicy chicken - 308
    D - Chicken curry, rice and chapatti - 650
    S - 2 yoghurts and strawberries - 204
    Water/tea - 3.5 litres
    Exercise - 550 calories burnt (Turbofire Fire 55 EZ class)
    5 a day - 4/5

    Total - 1197

    Monday 28th:
    B - Apple - 70/Alpen fruit and nut porridge - 239
    L - Mugshot and spicy chicken - 308
    D - Oven chips, ham, eggs, fried peppers, mushrooms and red onion - 575
    Water/tea - 2.5 litres
    Exercise - 465 calories burnt (Zumba Cardio Live dvd)
    5 a day - 3.5/5

    Total - 1185

    Tuesday 29th:
    B - 2 x Alpen Light bars - 135
    L - WW petit pain, ham and Kerry Low Low cheese omelette - 519
    D - Jacket potato, tuna and EL mayo, 60g Kerry low low mature cheddar and cracked black pepper spread, big salad - 531
    Water/tea - 2 litres
    Exercise - 290 calories burnt (30 mins of Pump it up dvd)
    5 a day - 1/5

    Total - 1185
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  4. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Hello there.

    Your weight loss plan sounds sensible and achievable so best of luck to you! I also see you eat those mug shot thingies - are they tasty? Have noticed them in the supermarket and been tempted...
  5. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Hi Erin

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Mugshots are quite bland i find so i add hot and spicy chicken breast; it's very filling and warming.

    They are pretty processed, but we have no microwave at work so i am limited in what i can take aside from the usual sandwiches.
  6. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Wednesday 30th:
    B - 60g Allbran and skimmed milk - 244
    L - Mugshot and spicy chicken - 308
    D - Chilli, rice and chapatti - 610
    Water/tea - 3.5 litres
    Exercise - 280 calories burnt (Turbofire Fire 30 dvd)
    5 a day - 2.5/5

    Total - 1162

    Really yummy tea today, i love home made chilli and always make a big batch and freeze loads, i do the same with curry and spag bol, so i always have a convenience meal in the freezer!

    Just planning my meals for next week and doing my shopping list...i can't wait to up my calories
    :) I can fit some chocolate and cake in again! (In moderation of course!)

    I'm making them as delicious as possible, so that i really look forward to them. This will help me stay on track although i genuinely do feel bursting with motivation at the minute. The HRM is really spurring me on to exercise too.

    Anyway i'm off to bed soon, so night night xxx
  7. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Might give those mugshots a go then. I have a tonne of spices in my cupboard to enhance the flavour!

    Really need to take a leaf out of your book and start making meals I can much easier!!

    Sleep well :)
  8. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Thursday 31st:
    B - 2 Alpen Lights - 135
    L - Ham and salad sandwiches and crisps - 470
    D - Ham, oven chips, eggs and fried mushrooms, red pepper and red onion - 575
    Water/tea - 3 litres
    Exercise - 250 calories burnt (Turbofire HIIT 20 dvd)
    5 a day - 3/5

    Total - 1180

    Feeling really good today, enjoyed my food and looking forward to the next 3 days when i can eat 1900 calories :eek: I have already entered most of the next 3 days food into MFP!

    It takes 1900 calories daily to maintain my weight; if i eat 1900 for 3 days, and 1450 for the other 4 days, and burn 1750 calories by exercise i SHOULD get 1lb a week loss (obviously the calories will lower as my weight does). I could just eat 1650 calories a day but i have done calorie cycling before and enjoyed it, and i'm eating at maintenance for 3 days a week so can really splurge on those days so hopefully i won't feel deprived. It will also teach me how to eat at maintenance so i can be a bit prepared once i get to my target weight.

    I am a bit concerned that i'm not getting a lot of fruit and veg, tbh although i like them i would rather use my calories on tastier things. Like i said in another post though, i'm taking it one step at a time and when i form some new habits and really get into the swing of losing weight then i can really focus on getting more fruit and veg. The most important thing at the minute is that i refrain from bingeing. Aiming for a binge free February so wish me luck.

    WI in the morning, hope it's a nice loss.

    Night all xxx
  9. RosieKat

    RosieKat Full Member

    I'm also trying CC having done SW previously. I lose weight easily with SW but I don't learn new habits so I keep yo yoing. I think it is the portion sizes I need to work on so CC makes sense.

    Your plan sounds good, I might think about having a day or two where I eat more calories whilst still counting.
  10. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    I am a terrible yo-yoer so your not alone :eek:

    I love having higher calorie days, really gives you something to look forward to without the need for cheat days....once i start those i stop losing eventually.
  11. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    What a good start you have made - well done!
  12. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Friday 1st Feb:
    B - Oatso Simple porridge pot with clusters and chocolate chunks - 275
    L - 2 ham salad sandwiches and crisps - 470
    D - Takeaway Singapore Vermicelli - 690
    Snacks -
    WW sticky toffee pudding and Walls light ice-cream/2 Curly Wurly's - 462
    Water/tea - 3 litres
    Exercise - Rest day - 0/2000 calories burned
    5 a day - 2/5

    Total - 1897

    Hello diary...

    I lost 4.25lbs in my first 6 days
    :D So from now on i will weigh in every Friday and will follow the plan i wrote about yesterday and hope for 1lb a week off.

    I now weigh 11st 11 and 3/4lbs. I did consider just rounding it up to 11st 12lbs which is what i was aiming for...but then if i only reach 11st 11lbs next week i havn't technically lost 1lb, so i will keep my weight accurate.

    I had my 1900 calorie day today, with another 2 to follow, and i have enjoyed it so much! You know, i have eaten good portion sizes but i have been hungry before each meal so i know i haven't over done it or i would have been stuffed all day like i am when i binge eat. I have truly savoured each meal, something i never usually do, even on SW. It has been plenty of food and if i can eat like this at maintenance then i should never get fat again! LOL!

    I picked the vermicelli from the Chinese because it its quite low syn on SW (8 i think but unsure of the portion size) so i knew there couldn't be that many calories/fat in it. Anyway i did some research on Google and discovered that it is something like approx 252 calories for 199g (or around about that, i can't remember the exact figure). So i figured out that if i have 500g of it (which is a big plate full!) then it will be around 630 calories but i added another 60 calories on just in case. If i still get my 1lb loss this week then i will definitely be having that again, it was delicious and i am not hungry now in the slightest.

    Anyway, off to bed for me soon, i have a busy day tomorrow and should have loads of energy for my workout in the morning after munching all of the above :p

    Night xxx
  13. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Congrats on the loss! That's fab :).
  14. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Saturday 2nd Feb:
    B - 60g Dorset Cereals museli and 120 ml skimmed milk - 256
    L - McChicken sandwich and medium fries - 715
    D - Wholemeal rice, oven chips and chipshop style curry sauce with 1 slice wholemeal bread and smidge of butter - 737
    Snacks - Toblerone - 184
    Water/tea - 3 litres
    Exercise - Pump it Up dvd for 1hr 15 min 600 cals burned - 1400 calories to go
    5 a day - 1/5

    Total - 1892

    Today has been a strange day, despite how many calories i have eaten i've been really hungry :confused:

    I had a mega workout this morning and burned 613 calories (rounded down to 600) then when i got ready after i finished i was just starving!! I had my museli then went to my cousins son's 3rd birthday at a soft play centre next to a McDonalds. Everyone went to McDonalds when the kids had finished playing so i had a chicken burger and fries...this did not fill me up at all! I enjoyed it but it was no way worth the calories and i won't be doing it again! I would usually have a bigmac but i didn't have room for the extra calories...anyway just goes to show how calorie dense that food is but it's not actually THAT much food is it? I could have had a huge plate of home made curry with chips, rice and a chapatti for that! Lesson learned.

    Tea was super delicious, felt like a proper chippy tea. I bought a packet of powdered curry sauce from Asda and it really tastes like chip shop sauce. It filled me up nicely but i do feel peckish again now; just had a peppermint tea and think i will go to bed soon.

    You will see that i am aiming to burn 2000 calories this week rather than the 1750 i said initially. This is because i have been researching the accuracy of HRM's and they can over estimate slightly so this extra 250 cals i'm aiming for should hopefully cover any over estimation.

    I think that's it for now. Over and out xxx
  15. sprytez

    sprytez Full Member

    hey :)

    if you're feeling peckish, try getting a dose of protein in with your carbs, might help?

    gz on the loss so far!
  16. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Hey, yeah i should probably eat more wholesome foods, things that would actually fill me up! I was less hungry on my 1200 cal days because it was 'good' food.

    Today has been better, i haven't been too hungry so will just keep at it and hope yesterday was a one off. I will eventually work on eating healthier, at the minute i just need to not binge eat for a few weeks.
  17. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Sunday 3rd Feb:
    Brunch - Ham salad sandwiches and crisps - 470
    D -Supernoodles - 308
    Supper - 2 WW petit pains with cheddar, tuna mayo and red onion, oven chips - 770
    Snacks - Curly Wurly, WW sticky toffee pud and ice cream - 347
    Water/tea - 2.5 litres
    Exercise - Rest day - 1400 calories to go
    5 a day - 1/5

    Total - 1895

    Just a quick entry as i'm watching something good on tv. Not been hungry today which has been a relief, really really enjoyed having that supper, gorgeous hot baguettes with chips, yum yum.

  18. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Monday 4th Feb:
    B - Apple, museli and skimmed milk - 326
    L -Mugshot and chicken, yoghurt and strawberries - 409
    D - Spicy sausage pasta and WW garlic petit pain - 715
    Water/tea - 3.5 litres
    Exercise - Pump it up dvd (burn it lose it) 600 calories - 800 calories to go
    5 a day - 5/5

    Total - 1450
  19. ndz

    ndz Full Member

    Well done on your loss!! You eat the same sorts of foods I do, I'm the same with fruit and veg, at the moment I'm just trying not to binge!!
  20. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Being a binge eater is awful...i have to fight the urge everyday. Even when it's a day that i'm eating lots of food i still get the urge. It's nice to hear i'm not alone x
  21. chocolate_bananas

    chocolate_bananas Silver Member

    Tuesday 5th Feb:
    B - Spaghetti and cheese on wholemeal toast and butter - 386
    L -Cheese and ham omelette and WW petit pain - 519
    D - Jacket potato, tuna mayo, cheese and big salad - 531
    Snacks - see below
    Water/tea - 2.5 litres
    Exercise - Turbofire Fire 45 EZ 400 calories
    5 a day - 1/5

    Total - 1886

    Over on my calories today by quite a few. I went to a thing at school and one of the mums made Aussie Crunch, big fat pieces of it. I cut a piece into thirds and had one third which i reckon was around 100 cals (it only looked like cornflakes covered in chocolate to me!). Also made jammy biscuits with my girls and had TWO, Good Food website says they are 175 cals each so almost 450 over oops!

    I might cut 100 calories from tomorrow depends how hungry i am, but i will add another 500 calories to my 2000 calories burned to cover it too. I burned 600 Sat + 600 Mon + 400 Tues = 1600 = 900 to go. Hoping to burn 500 tomorrow with my Zumba dvd then the other 400 on Thurs with another 45 minute Turbofire dvd.

    Anyway, off for a bath, get the kids in bed then chill out with a film and scoff my jacket potato!
    :D xxx

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