Calories 800. One stone to lose !

My god HOW do you do that ?? If I even have a sip of water I’m in the toilet weeing nearly immediately lol xxx
I was like that at first now my body is used to it but I wake up thirsty at night as if I need it. Well done sounds like a great day xx
I wish I could eat so low calories. Well done!!
Day 13

Started Magnesium Citrate supplements lastnight and slept surprisingly well. I’ve been told but quite a few people these should help with PMS symptoms so hoping they will be working well in my system by the time my next PMS commences in approx 3 weeks time !!
Felt great on waking this morning and ready to attack the day!

Breakfast 10am - x2 wetabix with skimmed milk. Approx 200 calories.

Lunch 13:30 - brioche bun plain with lighter cheese and cooked ham. Approx 200 calories.

Snack 15:15 - CarbKilla Salted Caramel bar. These are DIVINEEEEEEEE ! ! ! Approx 220 calories.

Dinner 16:00 - quorn meatballs with red pepper, mushrooms, cauliflower rice and asda low fat sweet chilli sauce. Approx 220 calories.

Total calorie intake approx 840 calories.
4litres of water today.
WHERE has your diary gone !? I was hoping to catch up earlier but I cannot locate it at all. How have you been ?? Xxx
Hello it's in the members area, I had it moved up as I'd shared pictures. Ohh can you not see it? I hadn't thought about that. Maybe I should ask for it to be moved back. 😆