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Calories burnt off in a zumba session?

Hi all!

Just thought it would be interesting to ask if anyone calculates how many calories they burn off during a zumba class?

I know everyone is different and depends on size/weight etc and how intense the class is and how hard you try....

But was just wondering if anyone did know exactly how many calories they burn off in a session?

I know you can burn between 400-800cals per hour???

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Yeah I read these articles. I suppose noone can really give you a ball point figure as depends on the individual class and efforts you put in.

I think I prob burn off more cals at zumba than the gym as I put in more effort because its fun,

Has anyone got a calorie calculator?
no but i could wear my polar Hr monitor watch and i'd get a very accurate figure. just lazy these days as i hate putting the HR strap round my rib area.
wow give it a try and let us know how you get on? xx
i've had it ages. years in fact. i got it for xmas one year. i was there when my mum bought it for me. got it in a sports shop. just go and google polar uk. loads to choose from. mine will give me my heart rate, my cals burnt, my zone workout which i set for the low and high HR readings and it will also tell me what % of my workout was at what % fat burning. so if i do a weights session my cals is low but my fat burning is high and could be like 60% . if i do a cardio session my heart rate can be higher like 150 bpm and i'll have worked off 600-700 cals but my fat burn might just be 20%

quite confusing. i've had it since 2003. i love it. the batter goes occasionally and i send it away to polar then. they're very reasonable too. they also service it and send it back. it's water resistant so needs to be done properly otherwise the water resistant part goes.

i'll try to link something reasonable on here.
I don't understand the 20% fat burning? Is the 80% just for energy? Burning off the calories from your food maybe?
Really I'm going to buy one this week. As when I gave my personal training I always want to know how well I've done kcal wise.

I must have one lol thanx Nikki xx
Good idea shanny :)

Might invest myself.
p.s the best price i've seen it at too. it's a 2009 model but they last so long. they're very addictive too. i used to never ever to an exercise session without mine. very helpful throughout my pregnancies as i wanted to monitor my heart rate very closely when i exercised.
they have them on the gym machines but you never know if they are accurate or not.

these are quite expensive aren't they?
just make sure it comes with a link wear strap.

you must wear this for the watch to monitor your heart rate otherwise the watch doesn't work.

you wet it and put it round your bra area. mine falls on the band so i stuff it under the band and it helps to hold it. then you start the watch. if it doesn't pick up your heart beat then you need to fiddle with the strap to get it into the right position. the strap must be quite wet too.
my latest gadget is my garmin sat nav running watch. use it for my pace. :) i'm such a gadget runner and exerciser. :D
lol we will have to start calling you gadget.
That's brilliant that it's lasted you this long though

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